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Kremen School of Education

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California State University, Fresno

Educational Leadership and Administration Program

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC)




Program Review Components: Preliminary Administrative Program

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1.    Program Description

1.1   Narrative Description

1.1.1 Program Location and Delivery Model Table

2.   Organizational Structure

2.1  Organizational Chart

3.   Faculty Qualifications

3.1  Faculty Distribution Table

3.2  Annotated EAD Faculty List  (Links to vitae & courses)

+Nancy Akhavan, Ed.D. (Full-Time, Tenure Track)  

+Virginia Boris, Ed.D. (Full-Time, Lecturer)

+Mabel Franks, Ed.D (Full-Time, Lecturer)

+Linda, Hauser, Ed.D (Full-Time, Tenured Associate Professor)

+Chirstina Luna, Ed.D. (Full-Time, Tenure Track)

+Jennifer Watson, Ed.D. (Full-Time, Tenure Track)

+Don Wise, Ph.D. (Part-Time, Tenured Full Professor)

+Debbie Parra, Ed.D. (Part-Time, Adjunct)

+Julie Severns, Ed.D. (Part-time, Adjunct)

3.3   Adjunct Experience and Qualification Requirements

3.4a Faculty Recruitment (Document)

3.4b Faculty Recruitment (CSUF Website)

4.  Course Sequence

4.1a Course Sequence- University Catalog Requirements

4.1b Ed. Leadership and Administration Program Cataloged Course Sequence (Website) (See Masters of Arts in Ed- center of page)

5.  Course Matrix

5.1a  Course Matrix (Links to syllabi at Mastery (M) level

Note:  Course matrix (5.1 a) denotes when candidates are:

  • Introduced (I) to the performance expectation,
  • Practice (P) the performance expectation, and/or
  • Assessed for mastery (M) of the performance expectation.

Course matrix (5.1 a) is linked to one specific place in the syllabus within  a given course that demonstrates mastery (M).


Since more than one task in a given course may denote I, P, and/or M, Course Matrix (5.1 b), presented as additional evidence, links to all the specific places (competency tasks) in each identified (5.1 a) course syllabus that demonstrate where the performance expectation is Introduced (I), Practiced (P), and/or assessed for Mastery (M).

Dr. Linda Hauser

California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPE)


EAD 261 Intro  Ed Ad

EAD 272  Curr Design

EAD 280T Ass & Info

EAD 263  Instr. Super

EAD 262 Ed. Lead

EAD 274 Inst Sys


EAD 269  Site  Leader

1A: Developing a Student-Centered Vision of Teaching and Learning   I,P,M  P, M  P, M   P, P, P, M
1B: Developing a Shared Vision and Community Commitment   I, P       P,   P, M
1C: Implementing the Vision   I, P  P, M P, M    P, M P, M P, M
2A: Personal and Professional Learning   I, P P, M P, M P,     P, M
2B: Promoting Effective Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment   I, P P, M P, M P, M     P, M
2C: Supporting Teachers to Improve Practice   I, P P, M P, M P, M      
2D: Feedback on Instruction   I, P P, M P, P, M      
3A: Operations and Resource Management   I, P P, M P,   P, P, M P,
3B: Managing Organizational Systems and Human Resources   I, P   P, M P, M P, M   P, M
3C: Managing the School Budget   I, P       P, M   P, M
4A: Parent and Family Engagement   I, P       P   P, M 
4B: Community Involvement   I, P       P   P, M
5A: Reflective Practice   I, P  P, M   P, M     P,
5B: Ethical Decision-Making   I, P P, M   P, P, M  P, M  P, M 
5C: Ethical Action   I, P       P P, M P, M  P,
6A: Understanding and Communicating Policy   I, P       P, M P, P, M
6B: Representing and Promoting the School   I, P  P, M P, M   P, P, M P, M

5.1b Course Matrix  (Additional with detailed links to syllabi  & I, P, M interaction levels )

+EAD 261

+EAD 272

+EAD 280T

+EAD 263

+EAD 262

+EAD 274

+EAD 269

6.  Fieldwork and Clinical Practice

Note:  All field experiences are embedded into courses and designed to be completed on-site, or in close proximity to the actual work.

6.1  Fieldwork Hours Table

6.2  MOU/Partner Agreements (Links to Partner MOUs)

Secured        Secured * In Progress
  • *Laton USD
  • *Selma USD
  • *Tulare COE

6.3  Veteran Practitioner Training Material (PASC Mentor)

6.4  Documentation of Candidate Placement

6.5  Clinical Practice Handbook

6.6  Fieldwork Syllabi (Links to experiences)

6.6.1  Clinical Practice Assessment Instruments (Grading Rubrics)

7.  Credential Recommendation

7.1a   Description of Credentialing Process

7.1b   Description of Credentialing Process: Preconditions

7.1.1  Candidate Progress Monitoring Document