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Standard 16

Supervision and Mentoring

The program provides candidates with opportunities and experiences to demonstrate knowledge of models of supervision used to mentor preprofessionals in practica and field experience placements. Candidates recognize the important role that field-site supervisors play in pre-professional training of future pupil personnel service providers.

Factors to Consider

Familiarity with supervision and mentoring models and best practices in supervising field experience training

Supervision begins early in Coun 200 and Coun 208. Models of supervision are displayed at various levels through modeling, role-play, and review of audio and video sessions in groups. Candidates receive feedback from professors, and peers, and on site supervisor in Coun 249.

Coun 200: Objective 4: The student will observe peers and offer critique on the appropriateness of their counseling behaviors.


Coun 208: Requirements:This course offers supervised, on-campus counseling experience. The students will receive feedback regarding their emerging counseling skills from the instructor and student interns. Students will practice supervisory skills by providing constructive and respectful feedback to their peers.

Coun 249: Objective 11: Demonstrate knowledge of supervision and mentoring models.

Assignment: FieldworkA

Knowledge of professional guidelines and standards for the supervision and mentoring of credential candidates in field experience placement

Candidates are given clear guidelines and standards for supervisors in field experience placement in the syllabi of Coun 249. The qualifications and duties of both on-site supervisor and university supervisor are addressed:

Supervision of the Field Practice:

On-Site Supervisor:

1. Holds a current and valid PPS credential or an equivalent certificate that permits the

supervisory role to function.

2. Holds the credential or equivalent certificate for a period of two years prior to the placement.

3. Agrees to set aside a minimum of one hour each week for individual supervision or 1.5 hours a week for group supervision with not more than 4 interns; and agrees to be available for the student when the need arises.

4. Upon completion of the course, the on-site supervisor will complete an evaluation of the student; this evaluation will be shared with the student and both parties will sign the agreement.

5. Provide individual and/or group counseling experiences for the student counselor.

University Supervisor:

1. directs the field placement class; sets times for class and works with each student individually.

2. works with the student to select a site and meets with the student and an official from the school.

3. may visit the site to meet with the official and the student in order to complete the field contract for the placement.

4. meets with the field practice student individually, during three, one hundred (100) hour interviews, to discuss details of the placement.

5. visits on-site personnel to work toward resolution of problem(s) which may arise.

6. has full responsibility for providing grading format and assigning final grade for the course.

7. has full responsibility for communicating with the site officials, both during and after the field placement has been completed.

Knowledge of mentoring and consultation among professional colleagues

Coun 241: Objective 5: Familiar with ways of coordinating and developing counseling services in a school setting including how school professionals work together, increasing counseling services to pupils, working with paraprofessionals and volunteers in program planning.

Assignment: OrganizationA

Coun 242: Objective 3: Provide methods of consulting with schools and develop

appropriate consultation models with teachers, administrators, and parents through the utilization of counseling methods.

Assignment: AdvocacyA

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