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Standard 24

Learning, Achievement and Instruction

Candidates know appropriate classroom management strategies and techniques for assisting teachers with classroom organization. Candidates understand curriculum design, lesson plan development, and instructional strategies for teaching counseling and guidance related material.

Factors to Consider

Knowledge of effective classroom management strategies and instructional strategies

This program provides candidates with the knowledge of effective classroom management and instructional strategies through exposing them to theories and knowledge in this domain. Candidates are also given opportunities to demonstrate possession of this knowledge through their responses to examinations, class presentations, class discussions and writing papers to respond to vignettes and reflect on their learning.

Coun 241: Objective 3: Able to identify ways a counselor provides counseling services to students including individual counseling, classroom guidance, responsive support services.

Coun 242: Objective 2: Develop and apply methods of consultation services to classroom management skills for teachers, school discipline models and strategies for teachers.

CI 285: This course provides candidates with the opportunity to apply theories and knowledge in pupils’ development and learning to the design of classroom instruction.

Skills in planning guidance lessons and providing guidance instruction

Class presentations are required in Coun 150, Coun 201, Coun 202, Coun 206, Coun 233, Coun 240, Coun 241, Coun 242, Coun 249, and CI 285. This requirement puts candidates into the actual practice of writing plans for presentation, choosing appropriate content and presentation approaches and strategies for the audience. They are given feedback and evaluation on multiple dimensions of their presentation skills.

Skills in teaching guidance concepts to pupils, parents and teachers

Coun 249: Candidates in field practice at an approved school setting are engaged in activities which include:

  • Presenting in service meeting to teachers/staff/parents/pupils to make them aware of counseling as well as introduce materials
  • Helping a student set up a study plan at home/school
  • Helping a child adjust to peers/parents/ teachers
  • Facilitating a group for elementary students
  • Preparing behavior modification programs for students

Skills in involving parents in classroom learning and supporting teachers

Coun 242:

Objective 5: Design and apply appropriate parent education program for specific population group

Candidates are required to make a presentation in class on an important topic of interest to an identified audience, which may include parents and teachers.

Coun 249: Candidates in field practice at an approved school setting are engaged in activities which include:

Setting up personal/phone conference with parents. Consulting with a teacher regarding a particular student (might include class visitation)

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