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Standard 16: Assessment of Candidate Performance

Prior to recommending each candidate for a teaching credential, one or more persons responsible for the program shall determine on the basis of thoroughly documented evidence that each candidate has demonstrated a satisfactory performance on the full range of Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) as they apply to the subjects and specialties authorized by the credential. During the program, candidates are guided and coached on their performance in relation to the TPEs using formative processes. Verification of candidate performance is provided by at least one supervising teacher and one institutional supervisor trained to assess the TPEs. At least one assessor shall hold authorization in the candidate’s credential area. An individual development plan will be written before the candidate exits the Preliminary Credential Preparation Program and will include recommendations for further study during the candidate’s Induction Program. (TPEs may be found on pages 73-86 of this document).

Candidate performance is evaluated by both a university supervisor and the master teacher in field experiences.  Performance in the general education setting is documented using the Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers (v.1.2).  Performance in settings with students who are deaf or hard of hearing is documented in student portfolios for Advanced Clinical Practicum and the Graduate speech practicum. Final student teaching placements require approval from the Director of the Deaf Education program.  Written and verbal feedback is provided for candidates in all practicum placements by both the university supervisor and the master teacher. Individual development plans will be written at the culmination of student teaching or externship.