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Standard 6: Using Educational and Assistive Technology

The program provides opportunities for candidates to acquire the ability to use computer-based technology to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Each candidate demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the appropriate use of computer-based technology for information collection, analysis and management in the instructional setting. Candidates demonstrate knowledge of assistive technology including low and high equipment and materials to facilitate communication, curriculum access, and skill development of students with disabilities.

New credential candidates will take CI 100 Educational Applications of Technology with their KSOEHD credential courses.  The course syllabus is in the final phases of course design.  Ongoing credential candidates will make appropriate use of advanced technologies to enhance teaching and learning: accessing and evaluating information, analyzing and solving problems, and communicating ideas in CI 225 Integration of Technology across the Curriculum.  Candidates will discuss technology specific to DHH classrooms in CDDS 264 Seminar in School Subjects.  With many CDDS courses in an online format and the planned course conversions to a hybrid 80/20 format with 80% of instruction through synchronous and asynchronous instruction strategies, candidates will experience online learning themselves and will have opportunities to teach computer-based lessons.  Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of assistive technology in CDDS 114 Education of Exceptional Children in a written summary of the trip to the assistive technology lab at UCP where assistive technology devices are demonstrated. Candidates have the opportunity to use communication assistive devices and computers accessible to individuals with severe and multiple disabilities.

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