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Standard 7: Professional Development Options for Education Specialists

Each Education Specialist teacher shall design an Individualized Induction Plan for professional development and advanced study to clear their Preliminary Credential(s).

Each participating teacher will design an Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) with support of the University Supervisor and the Support Provider.  Through the FACT modules, the participating teacher will identify areas of interest and need for further study.

Each participant should select appropriate professional development and/or preparation program based coursework to expand his/her skills as an Education Specialist from the menu of options offered by the Clear Credential Preparation Program and the employing school district. These skills should be designed to enhance the participant’s teaching abilities for the current teaching assignment.

Participating teachers will select professional training from district or county office sponsored trainings, from conference workshops or trainings, from online resources, or from other approved sources.  Candidates will submit a Non-University Activity request for professional development activities.

In addition, each Education Specialist will be provided with opportunities to complete advanced professional development in areas such as: case management, advocacy, consultation and collaboration, co-teaching, professional community participation and school wide positive behavior support relevant to employment.

Professional development in the areas of: case management, advocacy, consultation and collaboration, co-teaching, professional community participation will be provided through CDDS 278 and CDDS 279.  Training in school wide positive behavior support relevant to employment will be provided by the district of employment. 

The Induction program is characterized by a depth of experience that challenges the Education Specialist fostering critical reflection, extending understanding and allows for meaningful integration of theory and practice.

The FACT modules provide participating teachers with a model for continuous learning and reflection.  The two year cycle allows candidates to collect and contextualize information and then engage in deeper thinking for each module during the first year (Culminating Questions and Reflections).  The cycle is repeated the second year allowing for application of what participating teachers learned from the reflective learning process in the first year.

The plan→teach→reflect →apply process encourages extended understanding throughout the process. Following completion of the conversation guides the participating teacher shall complete the Self-Assessment Clear Education Specialist form.

The participant should reflect on their preliminary teacher preparation and design a thoughtful specific emphasis from a menu of options. The specific induction emphasis should detail inquiry based methodology and reflective practice. The participant shall demonstrate that they are a consumer of the research; i.e., current issues and trends, journal articles, evidence based research in the field, current legal issues and they are capable of advanced level data driven instruction.

The clear credential participating teachers will meet all the requirements of the preliminary DHH credential participating teachers at Fresno State.  In addition each participating teacher will create an IIP portfolio to document 6 units of university credit and a minimum of 40 hours of additional trainings.  Each participating teacher will design an induction program that fits their professional development needs.  Participating teachers will be encouraged to investigate professional resources in the community where they are employed.  

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