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Standard 9

Availability of Program Information

The institution informs each candidate in the program about (a) all requirements, standards and procedures that affect candidates' progress toward certification, and (b) all individuals, committees and offices that are responsible for operating each program component.

University and School

Advanced credential and masters degree applicants are provided with information about university-wide services that are available as they enter and progress through their programs. This information is available from a variety of sources, including the University catalog and numerous linked websites. Applicants also receive information about office location, support personnel contacts and program coordinators. Once an applicant is admitted to a credential and/or a degree program he/she is assigned a faculty adviser who meets with the candidate and provides advising and mentoring support throughout program enrollment. KSOEHD Student Services personnel and specifically the Graduate Technician are available to provide assistance and direction as is needed.

Applicants to a KSOEHD advanced credential and/or masters degree program receive individual program application information through the KSOEHD website. Information includes program admission requirements, program content, specific coursework required, timelines and deadlines for document submission, and procedures for credential application and financial aid. Additional information pertaining to student appeals and various university wide services available is also included.

Masters degree and ECE Specialist Credential program applicants also are given the Masters Degree Programs - General Information handout produced by the Division of Graduate Studies at their annual Orientation. This informational document contains requirements and procedures needed beginning with program application, then applying for Advancement to Candidacy, and, finally, making application for the degree. Information pertaining to specific regulations and policies relating to KSOEHD and university graduate programs is also provided. Masters degree information is secured in the KSOEHD Student Services office or from individual program coordinators. The Graduate Technician and other Student Services office personnel are available to provide additional information and clarification as needed.

ECE Program

Information about the program is disseminated in multiple ways. For example, the graduate studies department forwards e-mail of interested students to the program coordinator so that she can make personal contact with the student. This is especially helpful to international students. Also, as students submit materials indicating interest in advanced study, the graduate studies department sends the coordinator information allowing her to make contact with those students and personalize information. An up-to-date, detailed ECE Advanced Program brochure is also available and the ECE program has a website that is linked with both university and KSOEHD application websites.

An ECE Orientation is held each semester (in the fall in conjunction with the University Graduate Studies Office Orientation). At that orientation program requirements and logistical timelines are reviewed with the new enrollees. The KSOEHD Graduate Studies Technician attends to answer logistical questions whereas the ECE Program Coordinator and faculty in attendance answer questions dealing with program content and requirements. At that Orientation, each new enrollee is assigned to an ECE Academic Advisor who helps the candidates complete an ECE Advising Form that sets a course sequence that meets the requirements of the program and the unique needs of the candidate. The ECE Specialist Credential and Graduate Programs enjoy a reputation for “student-friendliness.” For example, the schedules of professionals in the community who wish advanced study are accommodated with classes scheduled after 5:00 p.m.

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