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School Psychology Credential

Program Assessment
Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Original Program Assessment Submission – Dated Dec 15, 2010 (PDF)

Reviewers Preliminary Findings - Dated May 24, 2011 (PDF)

Response to Preliminary Findings - Dated Sept 26, 2011 ( PDF)

Reviewers Final Findings - Date Dec 5, 2011 (PDF)

1. Response to Standards

Response to Standards
Standards 1-9 Standards10-18 Standards 19-27
Standard 1 Standard 10 Standard 19
Standard 2 Standard 11 Standard 20
Standard 3 Standard 12 Standard 21
Standard 4 Standard 13 Standard 22
Standard 5 Standard 14 Standard 23
Standard 6 Standard 15 Standard 24
Standard 7 Standard 16 Standard 25
Standard 8 Standard 17 Standard 26
Standard 9 Standard 18 Standard 27

2. Syllabi

Course Number Course Title
Fatih University Comm
 PSYCH 205  Seminar in Child Development
 PSYCH 225T  Seminar in Psychobiological Bases of Behavior
 PSYCH 244A  Measurement, Research Methods, and Statistics
 PSYCH 244B  Measurement, Research Methods, and Statistics
 PSYCH 255T  Seminar in Social Psychology and Related Areas
 PSYCH 267  Internship in School Psychology
 PSYCH 270T  Working with Diverse Students and Families
 PSYCH 270T  Multicultural School Psychology: Prejudice and Tolerance
 PSYCH 270T   The Psychology of Culture and Diversity
 PSYCH 270T  Multicultural School Psychology: Non-Biased Assessment
 PSYCH 270T  Multicultural School Psychology: Cultural Psychology
 PSYCH 270T  School Psychology: Multicultural Education
 PSYCH 277  Role and Function of the School Psychologist
 PSYCH 278  Intervention and Prevention in School Psychology
 PSYCH 279  Consultation and Supervision
 PSYCH 282  Cognitive and Behavior Therapy
 PSYCH 284  Assessment of Intellectual Abilities
 PSYCH 285  Assessment of Learning and Development Problems
 PSYCH 286  Instructional Consultation and Intervention
 PSYCH 287-1  Practicum in School Psychology (Fall)
 PSYCH 287-1  Practicum  School Psychology (Spring)
 PSYCH 287-2  Practicum in School Psychology (Fall)
 PSYCH 287-2  Practicum in School Psychology (Spring)
 PSYCH 288  Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis
 COUN 200  Seminar in Counseling Techniques
 COUN 240  Seminar in Counseling of Exceptional Children and Their Parents

3. Assessments

4. Summary

5. Appendix