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Standard 23: Program Planning and Evaluation

Candidates understand the school as a system. Candidates work with individuals and groups to facilitate organizational structures and policies that create and maintain safe school environments that promote learning and enhance positive educational outcomes for pupils. Candidates utilize data-based decision making skills to (a) assist in the development of challenging but achievable goals for all pupils; (b) provide information about ways in which pupils can achieve these goals; and (c) monitor pupil progress toward these goals. Candidates are skillful in evaluating local school programs and in interpreting findings to other educators and to the public.

1. Program Evaluation

Candidates demonstrate knowledge of program evaluation theories and techniques through coursework in:

*Psychology 244A/Psychology 244B - Measurement, Research Methods, and Statistics
  o Descriptive Statistics - Session 9 - 244A
  o Correlation - Session 10
  o Inferential Statistics 4 - 244B
  o The General linear Model; t-test; One-way ANOVA - Session 6
  o Planned Comparisons - Session 7
  o Two-way ANOVA - Session 8
  o Summary - Session 9
  o Regression - Session 10
  o Regression - Session 11,12
  o Chi-Square - Session 13
  o Logistic regression - Session 14
  o Measuring Change - Session 15
Psychology 277 - Role and Function of the School Psychologist
  o Roles: Intervention - Session 16
  o Roles: Prevention - Session 17
Psychology 278 - Intervention and Prevention
Intervention Selection/Empirically Supported Interventions - Session 5
Psychology 288 - Applied Behavior Analysis
  o Learning Objectives - 5,6
  o Analyzing Behavior Change - Session 8
  o Behavior Changes Strategies - Sessions 12,13

2. School and Classroom Data

Candidates know how to gather data on school systems and classroom environments through coursework in:

Psychology 278 - Intervention and Prevention
  o Group Contingencies/Classroom Management/Token Economics - Session 8
  o Observation System - Pg, 4
*Psychology 286 - Instructional Consultation and Intervention
  o Direct Assessment of Academic Skills - Session 5
  o Direct Instruction - Session 15
Psychology 285 - Assessment of Learning and Developmental Problems
RTI and Tier 1 - Session 24
TI-tier 2 & 3 - Session 26
Psychology 288 - Applied Behavior Analysis
  o Learning Objectives - 2,3
  o Observing and Measuring Behavior - Session 6,7
  o Reading List Observing and Measuring Behavior #6,7- Pg, 6
  o Reading List Analyzing Behavior Change #8, 9 - Pg, 6

3. Social, Affective, and Adaptive Development

Candidates display knowledge about development in social, affective, and adaptive domains and identify and apply sound principles of behavior change within these domains through coursework in:

Psychology 225T - Seminar in Psychobiological Bases of Behavior
  o Chapter 16 - Affective Disorder - Session 17
*Psychology 278 - Intervention and Prevention
  o Functional Behavior Assessment - Pg, 4
  o Three-Tier Model for Anxiety/Depression - Session 13
Psychology 284 - Assessment of Intellectual Abilities
  o Adaptive Behavior - Session 23
  o Adaptive functioning and Behavior Problems in relation to level of education in children and adolescents with intellectual disability.
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research - Session - 24
  o Adaptive Behavior Scale - Session 25
4. Safe Schools

Candidates demonstrate the ability to help schools create environments that reduce alienation and foster dignity and respect for all members of the school community through coursework in:

*Psychology 278 - Intervention and Prevention
Three-Tier Model for Social Skills/ Bullying/GLBT Awareness - Session 12
  o Three-Tier Model for School Violence/Gangs/Resiliency Model - Session 14
Psychology 282 - Cognitive and Behavior Therapy
  o Working with Families and Students of Diverse Backgrounds -
Session 4
Psychology 286 - Instructional Consultation and Intervention
  o Classwide Peer Tutoring- Session 21

5. Program Evaluation

Candidates demonstrate skills in designing, conducting, and reporting the results of program evaluations through coursework in:

Psychology 244A/Psychology 244B – Measurement, Research Methods, and Statistics
  o Assignment: Proposal - Pg, 5- 244B
*Psychology 286 - Instructional Consultation and Intervention
  o Functional Reports - Session 18
  o Research into Practice - Session 28

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