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Standard 27: Determination of Candidate Competence

Prior to recommending candidates for a School Psychologist Credential, one or more persons who are responsible for the program determine that candidates have satisfied each professional standard. This determination is based on thorough documentation and written verification by at least one district supervisor and one institutional supervisor.

1. Credential Requirements

The program has effective procedures to track and monitor candidate completion of credential requirements and all competency standards through individual meetings at the end of the internship experience and a review by the university credential analyst.

*See Program Handbook – Advisee Record – Appendix B

2. Internship Evaluation: Field and University

A systematic summative assessment is completed of the candidates' performance by at least one district supervisor and one institutional supervisor each semester over the year- long experience. Interns must submit evaluations from the field-based supervisors during each semester of internship and at least one site visit is made to each intern's field-based site by a faculty member. In addition, each intern is met with individually by the faculty members each semester to determine the candidate's readiness for continuation on the internship (first semester) or to determine the candidate's competence for completion of the program

*See Program Handbook – Internship Evaluations – Appendices M, N, O,Psychology 267 re: internship site visit
3. Assessment of Interns

The assessments encompass the skills and knowledge necessary for professional competence and are based on documented procedures or instruments that are clear, fair, and effective.

*See Program Handbook – Internship Evaluations – Appendices M, N, O

4. Recommendation for Credential

Individuals responsible for the program, who have access to information on the competence and performance of candidates, use that information to recommend candidates for credentials. Upon completion of the internship experience faculty members meet with each candidate to inform them whether or not he/she will be recommend for the credential. Forms that are completed throughout the candidate's program are forwarded to the university credential analyst for approval.

5. Formal Exams: PRAXIS

The program seeks independent assessment of the know ledge and skills of their graduates, such as through the National School Psychology Examination (Praxis II) as administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), employer evaluations Every candidate is required to take and pass the Praxis II prior to the internship experience. In addition, formal surveys of employers and clients are conducted approximately every two years.

*See Program handbook – pg 25, 27, 31, 42
Alumni survey information provided in Section 3 – Assessments.

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