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STANDARD 7: Transition and Transitional Planning

The program provides opportunities for candidates to plan, implement, and evaluate transitional life experiences for students with disabilities across the lifespan. Each candidate collaborates with personnel from other educational and community agencies to plan for successful transitions by students. Each candidate demonstrates the knowledge and ability to teach students appropriate self-determination and expression skills.

Plan, implement, and evaluate transitional life experiences with students (see course syllabus CDDS 209.

Transitions by students (see course syllabus CDDS 257).



Consultation and Collaboration

Each candidate engages in consultation and/or collaboration with teachers and other relevant personnel as part of a school field experience. Candidates consult with teachers, other personnel, and families during the prevention, assessment, and IEP process. Candidates also demonstrate relevant methods of consultation and collaboration in intervention, which may include but is not limited to the development of program modifications to support students’ learning in the classroom, including academic content in pull-out intervention, instruction of small groups in the classroom, and teaching classroom lessons.

Consultation and/or collaboration with teachers (see course syllabus CDDS 209, 257). CDDS 257 Student Practicum Evaluation Form

Consult with teachers (see course syllabus CDDS 209, 257).

IEP Process (see course syllabus CDDS 209, 257).