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Program Documents

Multiple Subject

CI 100

Digital Story

Digital Story Video

Digital Story Storyboard

Virtual Trip

Virtual Trip Presentation

Virtual Trip Spreadsheet

CI 171

Case Study Report

Case Study Description

Case Study Strong Example

Case Study Weak Example

Design for Instruction Unit

Design for Instruction Assignment

Design Instruction: Gold Rush (weak example)

Design Instruction: Native American (strong example)

Design Instruction: Romans (strong example)

Final Exam

Final Essay

Final Exam Description Rubric

CI 175

Model Lesson Project

Model Lesson: Professor Reflection

Model Lesson: Self Reflection

Model Lesson Plan

Model Lesson Plan Revision

Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Grade Sheet

Multimedia Project

Web Resources

Web Reviews

CI 176

Mini Unit

Mini Unit: Sample 1

Mini Unit: Sample 2

Planning Assessment Portfolio

Planning Assessment Portfolio: Sample 1

Planning Assessment Portfolio: Sample 2

Planning Assessment Portfolio: Sample 3

Student Interview

Student Interview: Sample 1

Student Interview: Sample 2

Student Interview: Sample 3

Student Interview: Sample 4

EHD 174


Competencies: Sample 1

Competencies: Sample 2

Comprehensive Lesson Plan Project

Comprehensive Lesson Plan Project: Sample 1

Comprehensive Lesson Plan Project: Sample 2

EHD 178

Competencies and Site Visitation

Competencies and Site Visitation: Sample 1

Competencies and Site Visitation: Sample 2

Supervisor Observations: Sample 1

Classroom Management Presentation

Classroom Management Presentation

EHD 170

Literacy Competencies

Literacy Competencies Log and Examples

Literacy Competency Lessons

Literacy Competencies

Holistic Proficiency Project

Reflection for All TPEs


TPE 3 and TPE 5



TPE 6A too

TPE 10

Teaching Sample Project

Teaching Sample Project: Sample 1

Teaching Sample Project: Sample 2

Mid Semester Evaluations

Mid Semester Evaluations

LEE 172

Content Lesson Observation (SDAIE)

Content Lesson Observation (SDAIE): Sample 1

Cultural Awareness Project

Cultural Awareness Rubric

Cultural Awareness Project: Sample 1

ELD Lesson Observation

ELD Lesson Observation: Sample 1

ELD Strategy Reflection: Sample 1

Legal Professional Ethical Obligations

Legal Professional Ethical Obligations

LEE 173

Case Study

Case Study: Sample 1

Case Study: Sample 2

Case Study: Sample 3

Social Studies Unit

Content Unit Example: Sample 1

Content Unit Example: Sample 2

LEE 177

Case Study

Case Study Analysis: Sample 1

Case Study Narrative: Sample 1

English Learners Strategies Presentations

English Learners Strategies Presentations

Literacy Competencies

Literacy Competencies 2011

Literacy Competency Reflection Example

Literacy Competency Rubric

Storytelling Activity

Storytelling Activity

Young Child Assessment

Young Child Assessment

SPED 179

Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan: Sample 1

Classroom Management Plan: Sample 2

Individualized Education Program and Interviews

IEP: Sample 1

Teacher Interview: Sample 1