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Standard 6.4: Exhibits

6.4.a. Policies, procedures, and practices for governance and operations of the unit

Policies, procedures and practices for operation of the unit are found in several documents at various levels, from the university, to the school, to the department/program:

Level Document Location
University    Academic Policy Manual (APM)
Strategic Plan
Academic Plan
Kremen School   Constitution
Strategic Plan
KLASSI Assessment System
Program   Program Review
Program Handbooks
Fieldwork Handbooks  

6.4.b. Organizational chart and/or description of the unit governance structure and its relationship to institutional governance structure

Organizational Chart for the Kremen School

6.4.c. Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate services such as counseling and advising

University level:

Kremen School level:
The Kremen School provides a full range of counseling and advising services to credential students through the Education Student Services Center.  Staff with three full-time advisors, the Center provides academic advising, and professional counseling to all Liberal Studies majors and elementary, secondary and special education credential students.  Graduate and Advanced Credential students are advised by their program coordinator and by the program faculty.

6.4.d.  Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate recruitment and admission, and accessibility to candidates and the education community

Candidate Recruitment:

Candidate Admissions and Accessibility:
Initial Credential Admissions: 
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Special Education

Advanced Credential and Graduate Admissions:
Advanced Credential -
Graduate Degrees
(similar requirements for all other graduate program)
Doctoral Degree

6.4.e. Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising

Type URL
Academic Calendar
Grading Policies
Unit Advertising aim

6.4.f. Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, professional development, and support for off-campus, distance learning , and alternative route programs when applicable

Kremen School Budget (2010-2013):

6.4.g. Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses

Budgets for three comparable colleges of education within the CSU system: Fresno State, CSU Los Angeles, and CSU Fullerton (2010-2013):

6.4.h. Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty workload and summary of faculty workload

Faculty workload is a collectively bargained agreement (CBA) between the faculty union and the CSU system.  As per the CBA, all Fresno State full-time faculty carry 24 WTUs (weighted teaching units) per year.  With most Kremen School courses being 3-units, this amounts to teaching four courses/semester.  Faculty can buyout courses through grants and other administrative responsibilities.  Policies and practices related to workload are articulated in the following documents:

CBA Article 20 Workload
Faculty Workloads: Policies and Procedures (APM)
Policy on Office Hours (APM)
Policy on Final Exams (APM)
Policy on Assigned Time (APM)

6.4.i.  Policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that all candidates have access to physical and/or virtual classrooms, computer labs, curriculum resources, and library resources that support teaching and learning

University Policies:
Technology-Meditated Courses and Programs
Accessible Instructional Materials
Information Technology Resources

University Facilities:
The Henry Madden Library is the largest academic library between Sacramento and Los Angeles. The Library supports the university mission of education, research, and service. To this end, the Library selects, develops, manages, and provides access to information resources; promotes the critical use of information for learning and research; and presents cultural and scholarly programming that serves the campus, region and beyond.  The Library houses two collections that support the work of the Kremen School and our NCATE unit:

The Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children’s Literature is one of North America's leading resources for the study of children's and young adult literature. The growing collection of 50,000 books, periodicals, manuscripts, original art, and papers of authors and illustrators, has an international and multicultural emphasis. Its materials are available to anyone for use in the Center's reading area.

The Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is a collection of teaching materials used in pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms. It provides assistance with the identification and location of various teaching materials related to specific topics and delivers services associated with these materials.

The Madden Library also maintains the campus Faculty Bibliography where the scholarship of Kremen School faculty is highlighted.

Access to Information Technology:
Program faculty and candidates have access to an extensive variety of information technology resources including:
•    Four 25-30 station computer labs in the Kremen Building,
•    Laptop computers, video projectors, and digital cameras available for checkout,
•    A faculty laptop program where each full-time faculty receives a new Mac or Dell laptop every three years,
•    Network servers in support of the academic and administrative needs,
•    iPads for all faculty,
•    A full-function TV studio for development of production quality audio/video materials to be used in support of instruction,
•    Wireless access to the Internet and the campus network resources in all classrooms, faculty offices, meeting rooms, and public spaces.

6.4.j.  Policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that all candidates access have to distance learning including support services and resources, if applicable

The Kremen School has two fully online degree programs, the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) and the MA in Reading.  These were the first two fully online degree programs approved at Fresno State.  Support services for distance education include:

Teaching Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT) provide faculty with tools to help improve teaching and learning through technology. TILT provides faculty professional development, technology training, support and development of academic uses of technology.

Technical Support Services:
Technology Help Center is where users can find an extensive list of knowledge based articles, a list of current issues, and the ability to submit work orders directly into our call tracking system. This support service is available to all users.

Technology Service Desk is open from 7:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. Monday - Friday and 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. on Saturday for telephone support. Technology Service Desk walk-in hours, year round, are from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday in the McKee/Fisk building room 150. The Technology Service Desk can assist in technical troubleshooting of all supported software, hardware, and telephone issues. The Technology Service Desk can also facilitate work requests for other groups within Technology Services and on campus. This service is available to all users.

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