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Wayfinders at Fresno State

Community Inclusion

Wayfinders particpants enjoy a variety of activities during their free time. Participants are given the opportunity to choose the activities they would like to participate in and are supported and encouraged to try new experiences. Attending activities and social events are aimed at increasing social competence and building life-long relationships.

A classroom

Social Interaction Workshop

Wayfinders students attend a weekly workshop where they review the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS) for Young Adults Curriculum taught by a PEERS Certified Instructor. The PEERS Curriculum was designed to provide evidence-based social skills to populations with socio-emotional challenges. Workshop consists of lecture material and roleplays of social scenarios. Topics include Trading Information and Maintaining Conversations, Finding a Source of Friends, Electronic Communication, Appropriate Use of Humor, Dating Etiquette, Conflict Resolution, and Get Togethers.

A student on a computer

Activity Planning

Wayfinders participants meet with activity staff in a one-on-one setting to develop the skills to plan and execute activities independently. Activity planning is broken down into a step by step process such as; identifying an activity; times/dates, location, budget, whom to invite, and mode of transportation. Meetings are ongoing until the participant has demonstrated consistent success in the planning and execution of activities.

Students doing yard work


In partnership with the Fresno State Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, participants are able to achieve a Fresno State Service Learning certificate. Students volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per semester in a field of their choosing and complete reflections detailing duties, learning outcomes, and personal development.

A team in jerseys

Special Olympics

Fresno County has a very active program of Special Olympic events throughout the year. Participants are encouraged to participate in individual and team sports to have fun, meet new people, develop teamwork skills, and have the opportunity to achieve. Sports offered include soccer, bowling, basketball, aquatics, track and field, tennis, bocce, and golf.

A student working out

Fitness Routines

Wayfinders participants receive a tour of campus recreational facilities and are instructed on the benefits of adaptable exercise and functional fitness. Students create an individualized Fitness Plan based on their unique goals and post on the Canvas Fitness Blog to track their progress. 

A student and his mentor

Peer Mentor Program

Wayfinders participants are partnered and assisted with peer mentors who provide support in successful inclusion and integration onto the Fresno State campus and the community. Peer mentors encourage Wayfinders students to participate in social activities. Examples include attending Fresno State sporting events, going to the movies, concerts, out to eat or just hanging out.

Two students on a bus

Transportation Training

Transportation training consists of educational and experiential components. Students review guidelines for being safe and efficient using public transit in a classroom setting with their peers. Students then ride a Fresno Area Express bus and demonstrate the safe practices they have learned. Students are also educated on using rideshare apps and are supported in adding their debit cards to the app of their choice. Students continue to receive transportation training until proficiency is demonstrated in navigating public transit.

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor, please complete our application.

If you are interested in becoming an activities coach, please visit the Auxiliary Human Resources website to search for open positions.

Contact Information


Ryan Wilson

Interim Community Inclusion Coordinator