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Wayfinders at Fresno State

University Inclusion

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Why College?

Research findings revealed that students with Intellectual Disabilities who have some type of post-secondary education were more likely to:

  • Obtain Competitive and Integrated Employment
  • Require Fewer Supports
  • Earn Higher Wages
  • Have Increased Self-Esteem
  • Have Expanded Social Networks That Included Students without Disabilities

Source: Grigal, Martinez, Sax, & Will (2006). Post-secondary Education options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities. Issue Brief: Research to Practice (45)

Academic Inclusion

  • Auditing or enrolling in credit-bearing courses offered by the institution attended by students without disabilities, when aligned with the student's post-secondary plans.
  • Access to existing courses rather than separate courses designed only for students with disabilities.
  • An inclusive campus generates natural supports within the community to meaningfully involve all students in campus life.
  • Inclusive campuses provide students with disabilities the same opportunities and choices available to those without disabilities.
  • Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability

Open University

Wayfinders participants are able to enroll through California State University, Fresno's Open University Program, which permits members of the general community to take University classes after enrolled students have registered and when there is still space available in the class. Admission to Fresno State is not necessary for enrollment in Open University.

University Inclusion Support through Wayfinders

Assists participant with understanding:

  • Campus life
  • Appropriate behavior
  • How to be a successful student
  • Time management
  • Learning styles
  • Study styles
  • On-campus resources
  • Self-advocacy
  • Natural Support

In-Class Support

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A University Inclusion Coach will sit in a course(s) with a participant(s) to help them with various skills:

  • Appropriate social interaction
  • Intake/relaying of information
  • Communication with peers/professor

If you are interested in becoming a University Inclusion Coach, please visit the Auxiliary Human Resources website to search for open positions.

The Role of Faculty

The faculty is expected to provide reasonable accommodations when a letter of accommodation has been received. Please consult with the Office of Services with Disabilities or the Wayfinders University Inclusion Coordinator whenever there is a question concerning a student with a disability.


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Contact Information

Brandon Gonzalez

University Inclusion Coordinator