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Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Ticket to Work

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program at California State University, Fresno has been an approved Employment Network (EN) for the Ticket to Work program since 2003. Ticket to Work is a program of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Its purpose is to assist people who are receiving social security because of a disability, return to work and get off social security. Each social security recipient receives a "ticket." SSA started sending out the tickets in November of 2003 and Californians will receive almost 1,000,000 tickets. Once a ticket is received, the ticket holder can assign it to any Employment Network they wish. The EN can choose whether or not to serve the ticket holder and the ticket holder can choose whether or not to work with an EN. The EN then develops a plan to help the ticket holder return to work.


Ticket to Work is a terrific opportunity to give Rehabilitation Counseling students a chance to work with people with disabilities in a real setting. Currently, Rehabilitation Counseling Master's Program students are working with ticket recipients through their fieldwork program. The students get to choose a ticket recipient with whom they would like to work, and then work with that person on an individual basis. A Program Administrator oversees the students and helps them with resources and concerns.


Students make personal contact with their ticket holder and help them develop an Individual Work Plan. Once this is completed, students can see the kind of services the ticket holder may require to return to work. The students help ticket holders with resumes, cover letters, job search skills and interview skills. They may also refer them to agencies for other types of assistance such as counseling, housing assistance or legal assistance. Once a ticket holder is employed the student intern continues to monitor the employment to ascertain that the ticket holder is adjusting to his/her new employment.

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program at California State University, Fresno is unique in the type of experiences it provides its students. Students learn not only the joys but also the frustrations of working within the human services system and how to help their clients overcome the barriers that they encounter. The Ticket to Work Program, like our Job Retention Program, our Workability IV Program and our Evaluation Center, provides students an opportunity to work with real life clients in a real world situation making the Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Fresno State a "national leader in hands-on, real-world rehabilitation"

Ticket to Work Program News

Marketing Promising Practices

As the Ticket to Work Program becomes fully implemented nationwide, many people have expressed an interest in learning more about strategies Employment Networks (ENs) have utilized in order to make more informed decisions about getting involved themselves.

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