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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

QAR 2: Glossary

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Programs Information
Advanced Credential The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing uses this term to differentiate initial credential programs from those that prepare personnel for work in administrative and support roles in educational settings
A-G Requirements Sequence of courses that high school students are required to take to be eligible for admission to the University of California or California State University system
APM Academic Policy Manual (academic policies for the Fresno State campus)
ASCA American School Counseling Association
BAP Bilingual Authorization Program. Fresno State offers a concentration in both Spanish and Hmong
Basic Credential The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing uses this term for credentials that are the initial license for teachers in K12 schools: the Multiple Subject, the Single Subject, and the Educational Specialist
Bonner Character Education School Kremen’s Bonner Center awards exemplary schools of character each year
BSN Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree
CAASPP California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
CalAPA California Administrator Performance Assessment, an assessment used for those pursuing an administrative/school leadership credential
CAPEs California Administrative Performance Expectations
CASC Clear Administrative Services Credential, the credential earned by experienced administrators in schools
CCTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (also sometimes referred to as CTC)
CBEST California Basic Educational Skills Test, an exam in reading, writing, and math that prospective teachers can use to satisfy the CTC Basic Skills requirement
CCEE California Collaborative for Educational Excellence
CER The Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation
CFE Center for Faculty Excellence, a center at Fresno State that provides professional development for instructional faculty
CGE Division of Continuing and Global Education
CI The Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Coach Formerly student teaching supervisor
COE Certificate of Eligibility (which allows candidates to seek work as a school administrator prior to earning an Administrative Services Credential)
Cohort Group of students who take classes together, either in a residency program or in an evening cohort
COUN A designation for courses in counseling which are offered in the CER department
CPSEL California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL) are aligned with the California Administrative Performance Expectations (CAPEs)
Credential Certification, licensure
CSNO California School Nurse Organization
CSTP California Standards for the Teaching Profession
CSU California State University
CSUF California State University, Fresno
CTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (also sometimes referred to as CCTC)
CVELI Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute, now known as the John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership
DAA Department Administrative Assistant
DataQuest California Department of Education DataQuest, public facing database with information about districts and schools in California
DISCOVERe A university-wide initiative for inclusive and equitable education through mobile/tablet based instruction
EAD A designation for courses in Educational Administration courses which are offered in the Ed Leadership department
EL The Department of Educational Leadership
ERE A designation for courses in Educational Research and Evaluation courses which are offered in the Curriculum and Instruction Department
FERP Faculty Early Retirement Program allows faculty to teach part-time for 5 years prior to full time retirement
FS PASC/MAED Fresno State Preliminary Administrative Credential/Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration
FUSD Fresno Unified School District
Initial Credential The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing uses this term for credentials that are the initial license for teachers in K12 schools: the Multiple Subject, the Single Subject, and the Educational Specialist. Also called the Basic Credentials.
INTERESC The Instructional Technology Research Center is housed within the Education building. It provides an advanced technological environment giving students, faculty and administration access to communications and knowledge resource linkages to the local, regional, national and international communities within the framework of teaching, research and services.
KBQ Knowledge Based Questionnaire (used as both a pre- and post- self assessment in the School Nursing program)
KSOEHD Kremen School of Education and Human Development, one of the 8 colleges at Fresno State
LEBSE The Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education
LEE A designation for courses in Literacy and Early Education which are housed in the LEBSE department
LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse
LEBSE The Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education, the department where the Reading and Literacy programs are housed
MAED Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration
MFCC Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling program, a Master’s program located in CER
MS Multiple Subject Credential Program (which prepares students to become elementary teachers)
MTSS Multi-Tiered System of Supports, a term used by the California Department of Education to designate framework of support set in place for students with special needs
NURS A designation for courses in Nursing offered by the School of Nursing (also sometimes abbreviated with “N” as in N186 for Nursing 186)
PASC Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
PBIS Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, office in the U.S. Department of Education
PPS Pupil Personnel Services Credential (School Psychology, School Counseling, School Social Work and Child Welfare and Attendance)
Preceptor Preceptors are experienced, credentialed school nurses who serve as a mentor and field supervisor for our School Nursing students
Program Coordinator Faculty member given 3 WTUs to recruit, advise, and support students in a specific credential/graduate program
RICA Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)
Reading/Literacy Leadership Specialist (RLL) Credential Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Program (RLAA) Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential (RLLS and RLLSC)
programs located in the LEBSE department
SARB Student Attendance Review Board
Membership made up of school and community representatives who work to assess and problem solve issues related to student attendance and behavior
SJVWP San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, a local affiliate of both the California Writing Project (CWP) and the National Writing Project (NWP)
SNSC School Nurse Services Credential Program 
SOAP Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (university-required program assessment each year)
SON School of Nursing
SPED Special Education (Fresno State offers two options: Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe)
SS Single Subject Program (which prepares to teach subject areas in secondary schools)
SST Student Study Team
Supplementary Authorization Subjects added to Multiple Subject, Standard Elementary, Single Subject, Standard Secondary, and some Special Secondary Teaching Credentials
TK20 Data management system used in association with clinical practice
TPA California's Teaching Performance Assessment. An Advanced Placement (AP) assessment of their teaching performance with K-12 public school students as part of the requirements for earning a preliminary teaching credential.
TPE California's Teaching Performance Expectations
Unit All credential programs at Fresno State, both basic and advanced
WDEP Wants, Doing, Evaluation, and Planning system used in clinical settings
WTU WTU stands for “Weighted Teaching Unit,” a designation corresponding to faculty workload