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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 3 Aspect A

Preparation programs ensure that candidates, upon completion, are ready to engage in professional practice, to adapt to a variety of professional settings, and to grow throughout their careers. 

Effective program practices include: consistent offering of coherent curricula; high-quality quality, diverse clinical experiences; dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders; and comprehensive and transparent quality assurance processes informed by trustworthy evidence.

Description of how curricula are aligned with and/or national standards:
In 2016, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing adopted the revised California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) as part of the comprehensive effort to strengthen and streamline the Commission’s accreditation system. The full set of TPEs for the Single Subject Credential Program Standards can be viewed at the Commission’s website. As a result, the Single Subject Teacher Credential Programs revised all syllabi, the signature assignments, and the program assessments to align with the new TPEs.  This alignment can be seen in the Course Matrix linked below.  

As demonstrated in the matrix, our 19-units of coursework and 15 units of clinical practice experience afford our candidates many opportunities to learn about and practice the TPEs. 

Additionally, within their clinical practice, our candidates have the opportunity to practice and be evaluated on their success in meeting the TPEs. Finally, the program uses the Fresno Assessment of Student Teaching (FAST), a performance-based assessment also linked to the TPEs, as a way for candidates to demonstrate their mastery.  

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