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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 3 Aspect B

Standard 3b: Preparation programs ensure that candidates, upon completion, are ready to engage in professional practice, to adapt to a variety of professional settings, and to grow throughout their careers. Effective program practices include: consistent offering of coherent curricula; high-quality quality, diverse clinical experiences; dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders; and comprehensive and transparent quality assurance processes informed by trustworthy evidence. Each aspect of the program is appropriate to its context and to the credential or degree sought.

Description of rationale for partnerships:
Fieldwork is embedded in the RLAA/RLLS Credential courses (see LEE 224, LEE 230, LEE 234, and LEE 254 syllabi). Graduate students can select their own school/district sites where they already teach for fieldwork. The program does not have specific district partnerships as students in the program use their own schools as fieldwork sites. 

Graduate students seeking the RLAA/RLLS Credential are already veteran teachers in the field. Graduate students have already obtained their teaching credential and do not require additional training materials. Support for graduate students is provided through the instructor of record in the role of supervisor in each course with fieldwork. There are a number of assignments for students to receive feedback and guidance in a timely manner to evaluate and support graduate students’ instructional decisions. In addition, the coaching fieldwork is supported through supervision and supportive guidance through discussion posts and audio/video evidence of the coaching sessions.

Table denoting number of hours of fieldwork 



20 hours (LEE 224)

Assessment and instructional activities (see Case Study Assessment Project, Case Study Report, and course schedule)


12 hours (LEE 230)

Small group intervention (see Intervention activities and Case Study Report)


12 hours (LEE 234)

On-on-one intervention (see Intervention Activities and Case Study Report)


20 hours (LEE 254)

Program evaluation and literacy coaching (see Module Application Assignments, Literacy Program Evaluation Report), Course Schedule)

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