Appendix B: Completer Support and Follow-Up Practices

School Nursing


Meeting/ Event Date (if applicable)


Person Responsible

Evidence Collected

Next Steps

Current Practices:
The program encourages candidates to join their professional organization for support and education resources and connection with the local school nurse community.    To give candidates access to current resources, scholarships, professional development, networking,current medical/nursing information and community agency resources.. Coordinators and faculty None Continue with current practices.
The program provides candidates with scholarship opportunities available.    Connect candidates with the various scholarship opportunities available in their areas or statewide.  Coordinators and faculty None  
The program provides a meet and greet session at the annual CSNO state conference.   The ability to meet face to face with potential and past candidates and their preceptors.  This meeting educates those interested in the program and provides a personal touch. Coordinators and faculty None Use a sign in sheet for future informal meet and greet sessions. 
Legislative advocacy    To educate candidates on legislative impact on schools, nurses and students and how to positively promote legislation that supports school nursing, students and families.  Coordinators and faculty Discussion groups on Canvas platform plus an assignment in N185, Fall semester.  Continue current practice
Future Practices:
Development of an end of program survey   To insure the program meets the current needs of school nurses and assist with evaluation of the program’s practices.  Coordinators and faculty The survey will provide valuable programmatic information on candidate success or lack of.  Develop a survey and pilot for it for 2022.

Appendix B: