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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 3 Aspect C

Preparation programs ensure that candidates, upon completion, are ready to engage in professional practice, to adapt to a variety of professional settings, and to grow throughout their careers. Effective program practices include: consistent offering of coherent curricula; high-quality quality, diverse clinical experiences; dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders; and comprehensive and transparent quality assurance processes informed by trustworthy evidence. Each aspect of the program is appropriate to its context and to the credential or degree sought.

Description of stakeholder engagement in program:
During the 2020-2021 academic year, the BAP coordinator assembled a program advisory board that consists of program faculty, adjunct instructors, counselor, clinical practice coaches, district partners, liberal studies chair, multiple subject program coordinator, and dual language community leaders. The primary goals of the committee during this year included the redesign of the Spanish pathway to strongly align with state standards and teacher performance expectations (TPEs), as well as strategies to improve the recruitment and retention of Hmong bilingual students, and the continued support of current candidates. 

As this was the first year for the program coordinator revitalizing a program that was largely dormant prior to her leadership, she created two surveys--the BAP questionnaire and the BAP completer survey--that assisted with efforts to accomplish program goals. However, neither of the data from these surveys were discussed in advisory committee meetings. In addition, though an BAP alumni survey and employer survey were created, they were not disseminated. Commencing during the 2021-2022 academic year, these surveys will be shared and discussed with program stakeholders every year moving forward as the questions require action and investment from all stakeholders. For example, some of the program goals to be tackled include more input from district staff that work directly with local bilingual/dual immersion teachers. There are two (2) key leaders within Fresno Unified that will be invited to join the advisory committee as they are in charge of teacher development and support for the Spanish and Hmong dual language programs. They are vital for gaining alumni and employer feedback. In addition, a priority area is the increase of bilingual/dual immersion classroom placements and bilingual coaches to accommodate the substantial growth of the BAP. Therefore, staff from the Fresno State Office of Clinical Practice (OCP) will be invited to join the advisory committee as well. As an advisory committee, we will analyze data from all these surveys and strategize how to work together for the continuous improvement of the program and support for program students and graduates. 

Stakeholder Engagement:

Heading Content
BAP Advisory Committee Meeting 
How often meet Who involved + Role Data analyzed Resulting actions
3 times a semester 

Existing committee members: 

  • Ana K. Soltero Lopez, BAP coordinator & faculty, CSU Fresno
  • Teresa Huerta, BAP faculty, CSU Fresno
  • Patricia D. Lopez, Enseñamos en el Valle Central Director, CSU Fresno
  • Kimberly Coy, Liberal Studies interim chair, CSU Fresno
  • Heather Horsley, Multiple subject credential coordinator, CSU Fresno
  • Bernadette Vazquez, BAP clinical practice coach, CSU Fresno
  • Juan Silva, clinical practice coach, CSU Fresno
  • Belen Hoyt, clinical practice coach, CSU Fresno
  • Nora Guillen, Madera Unified Coordinator of Dual Language Immersion (DLI) & Teacher Residency Programs
  • Amy Bennett, Fresno Unified Teacher Residency Program Coordinator
  • Maria Valdez, Central California Dual Language Consortium (CCDLC), co-chair
  • Vicky Xiong-Lor, BAP adjunct faculty and Central California Dual Language Consortium (CCDLC), co-chair
  • Josie Bustos, BAP adjunct faculty, CSU Fresno
  • M. Scott Merrill, BAP adjunct faculty, CSU Fresno
  • Marivel Bravo-Mendosa, BAP academic advisor, CSU Fresno

Members to be invited:

  • Patricia Wolf-Kincade, FUSD Spanish Dual Immersion Program, Manager II,
  • Doua Vu, FUSD Hmong Language Immersion Program, Manager II, 
  • Felipe Mercado, Coordinator of Clinical Practice, CSU Fresno
  • Brenna Barks, OCP Program Assistant, CSU Fresno
  • BAP interest questionnaire 
  • BAP completer survey
  • BAP course evaluation survey
  • The analysis of BAP interest questionnaire data will be used to re-examine recruitment and partnership efforts among stakeholders. Moreover, the data will also be used to revise learning objectives, assignments, and course readings of BAP courses. 
  • The analysis of BAP completer survey will be used to re-examine and make necessary modifications in programmatic practices and support structures for the BAP and Multiple Subject programs as well as course revisions, and district partnerships.
  • The analysis of the BAP course evaluation survey will be used to organize the sequencing of information in courses, avoid repetition and support faculty with course redesign as needed. 

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