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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 2 Aspect D

Standard 2d. Support students’ growth in international and global perspectives

Data Source 1

Description of Faculty International Involvement
Although we didn’t collect data on supporting students’ growth in international and global perspectives, the school counseling program faculty initiated a study abroad summer course for school counseling students.  However, the pandemic prevented the abroad course from happening.  The school counseling program  also has faculty members who bring with them a range of global experiences and who do research in global/international contexts, which they share with candidates when instructing their courses. These include:

  • Dr. Gitima Sharma
    (Has school counseling experience in India)
  • Dr. Dominiqua Griffin
    (Does research in Barbados)
  • Dr. Nur Dedeoglu
    (Has school counseling experiences in Turkey)
  • Dr. Song Lee
    (originally from Laos, sees the impact of school counseling on immigrants and refugees. Research focuses on mental health of Hmong Americans and has presented in China and visited Hmong villages in China in 2009 and 2019).

Next Steps:
The program will be intentional in including curriculums and activities to strengthen students’ growth in international and global perspectives.  The program will also consult with our school district partnerships on how they could support us in this endeavor as well.  We will add items pertaining to growth in international and global perspectives in relevant assessment tools and will also include items in completer surveys. 

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