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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 3 Aspect D

Standard 3d: Preparation programs ensure that candidates, upon completion, are ready to engage in professional practice, to adapt to a variety of professional settings, and to grow throughout their careers. Effective program practices include: consistent offering of coherent curricula; high-quality quality, diverse clinical experiences; dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders; and comprehensive and transparent quality assurance processes informed by trustworthy evidence. Each aspect of the program is appropriate to its context and to the credential or degree sought.

Description of recruitment and admissions process:
The program does not currently have any methods to determine the shortages or needs of literacy educators. 

In typical years, local school districts are contacted to disseminate recruitment information. Potential applicants self-select to attend recruitment events such as informational meetings and webinars. The program coordinator also meets individually with potential candidates. 

In the future, a needs survey can be created for local schools and districts to help organize recruitment efforts. 

Description of selection process:

  • The requirements for program admission include a copy of CalState Apply confirmation as proof of application, unofficial transcripts, a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted and a minimum of 2.75 GPA on an post baccalaureate coursework, a complete statement of purpose stating the applicant’s short term and long term professional goals, three letters of recommendation and recommendation rubrics, meeting the writing competency requirement, and (for the Specialist Credential only) evidence of passing the CBEST. 

Of those who are admitted, how many enroll?

Admission Year # of candidates admitted # of admitted who enroll
2018 26 19
2019 20 18
2020 21 14

Description of monitoring and support process (Appendix A)

  • Candidates participate in a program welcome where the program coordinator discusses what to expect in the first semester of the program, university resources, and major program milestones. Later, candidates receive a program check-in the middle of their first and second semesters of the program where candidates have the opportunity to provide feedback on the program, their performance, and request a meeting with the program coordinator. The program coordinator also provides periodic program updates to all candidates through the program Canvas website. 
  • After completing 9 units, candidates pursuing the MA program complete the Advancement to Candidacy form which is submitted and approved by the program coordinator. 

Key Benchmarks 

  • The key coursework benchmarks are the major assignments used for the program’s Student Outcomes Assessment Plan noted in Appendix A
  • An additional key benchmark is the Comprehensive Exam. The comprehensive exam is a culminating experience option for students who are pursuing the Master's Degree. Prior to the exam, students receive a list of potential questions they then prepare to answer. During the exam, students are given five of these questions and must select and respond to three. 
    • Important to note is that not all students who pursue the Reading Added Authorization or Reading Specialist Credential pursue the Master's Degree. Still, annually, 90-95% of students enrolled do pursue the Master's Degree, and so we believe that, for now, this is an appropriate data source to use.

Actions to Support a candidate who Does Not Meet a benchmark:

  • Students are required to pass the SOAP (Student Outcomes Assessment Plan) assignments to earn a passing grade in each course. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements will need to retake the course to earn a passing grade. Students are supported by program faculty and the program coordinator to successfully complete each required course. 

Candidate Tracking: Application to Completion

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 0
Asian 1 1 1 0
Black 1 1 1 0
Hispanic 12 12 11 10
Pacific Islander 0 0 0 0
Two or more races 2 2 2 1
Unknown 0 0 0 0
White 9 9 8 7
Total 25 25 23 18

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 (program still in process)
Asian 2 2 2
Black 0 0 0
Hispanic 10 10 9
Pacific Islander 0 0 0
Two or more races 0 0 0
Unknown 0 0 0
White 8 8 8
Total 20 20 19

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 (program still in process)
Asian 2 2 2
Black 0 0 0
Hispanic 2 2 2
Pacific Islander 0 0 0
Two or more races 0 0 0
Unknown 0 0 0
White 6 6 6
Total 10 10 10

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