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Master of Arts in Teaching Program Review

APM 220 Expectations:

1. The mission and goals of the program and their relation to the mission and strategic priorities of the institution

2. The curriculum through which program mission and goals are pursued.

3. The assessment of student learning outcomes, program revisions based upon those outcomes, and plans for future assessment activities

MAT Assessment Report

3.0 Assessment

3.1 What learning outcomes did you assess this year?

3.2 What instruments did you use to assess them?

3.3 What did you discover from these results?

3.4 What changes did you make as a result of these finding?

3.5 What assessment activities will you be conducting in the 2016-17 academic year?

3.6 What progress have you made on items from your last program review action plan?

4. The range and quality of research activities, emphasizing those involving students

5. The quality and diversity of faculty and staff and their contributions to program mission and goals

Refer to faculty curriculum vitae listed on right side menu.

6. The quality of entering students (for graduate programs and others with restricted enrollment)

7. Libraries and other educational resources

8. Physical facilities

9. Service and contributions to the community

In addition to addressing the expectations of APM 220, the program will also provide:

10. Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (SOAP)

11. Findings of the site visit

12. Final accreditation decision