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CCTC Accreditation 2022

Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers

Contact Person
Suzie Brandl

Sergio La Porta

Associate Dean
Song Lee

For technical issues
Contact Laura Rabago at

The Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers (FAST) is a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) system designed for exclusive use at California State University, Fresno. FAST assesses the pedagogical competence of teacher candidates, including interns, with respect to the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). FAST consists of two projects. Single Subject and Multiple Subject candidates complete the Site Visitation Project during their initial student teaching placements. Candidates and interns complete the Teaching Sample Project during final student teaching (including internship).

Each assessment evaluates multiple TPEs using a task-specific rubric for each section of the task. The tasks are scored by trained faculty and supervisors. To pass, each section of the project must earn a score of a 2 on a 4-point scale. Scores are reported to the candidate by task section. This disaggregated reporting provides useful feedback to candidates, to induction programs, and to university personnel.

FAST is completely embedded into the credential programs, with formative assessments included as part of course work, and the summative assessments required as part of the field work. 

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