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Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative

Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

Remember your favorite teacher?...
TEACH and someone will remember YOU!

apple1 photo Teaching is a highly rewarding and fulfilling career! It offers an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and young adults.

The Kremen School of Education and Human Development has outstanding teacher preparation programs. You will learn cutting edge teaching methods that will prepare you to make learning exciting and challenging for your students. The program's outstanding and experienced faculty, coaches, and master teachers will become your mentors as you move from university student to classroom teacher.

Do You Have a Passion for Math or Science?

You can share that excitement with the next generation by being a teacher! The demand for fully-credentialed mathematics and science teachers is significant and is expected to increase dramatically as more teachers retire.apple2 photo

The College of Science and Mathematics and the Kremen School of Education and Human Development offer excellent preparation and support for prospective mathematics and science teachers! For more information about earning your initial teaching credential at Fresno State, call the Center for Advising and Student Services: (559) 278-0300 or visit Kremen Education Room 100. 

Great Opportunities for Prospective Math and Science Teachers!

  • Do you need to take CSET subtests in mathematics or science for an initial or additional credential? MSTI offers FREE online, interactive courses and workshops that review the subject matter content included on these exams. All of these live courses/workshops are archived for additional review and are taught by talented instructors with many years of teaching experience. The 2023-2024 workshop schedule is located here. To attend, register on this website:
  • MSTI can reimburse CSET and credential application fees for Fresno State students and teachers who apply for an additional math or science credential through Fresno State! The credential application form contains detailed instructions regarding how to apply. (Note: Subject matter competency in mathematics or science can be demonstrated through passing CSETs, completing a CTC-approved subject matter preparation program, or earning a degree in an approved subject matter area such as biology, chemistry, or mathematics. An advising sheet for for CSET coursework equivalency for mathematics is located here.)
  • MSTI offers student membership in professional mathematics and science education organizations (CASE, CMC, FAM2E, NCTM, NSTA)! Visit to sign up! MSTI will submit registrations on the last day of the month (September through May).
  • Professional organizations offer conferences, too! To inquire about MSTI support for conference travel, contact Dawn Moate for mathematics education conferences and Dr. Ali Hansen for science education conferences! 
  • Earn a B.S. in Mathematics plus a Single Subject teaching credential within four years in the Integrated Teaching Option! Also check out the Mathematics Teaching Scholars program! MSTI offers Mathematics Teaching Scholars $2000 for the first two years of participation in the program.
  • The Science Teaching Scholars (STS) program offers prospective science teachers $2000 and other benefits!  Contact Dr. Ali Hansen for more information! 
  • The Fresno Teacher Residency Program offers a $20,000 stipend to pursue a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential plus (a) a Single Subject Credential in Foundational-Level General Science (FLGS) or (b) a Supplementary Authorization in Mathematics for prospective teachers wishing to teach science and/or math in the middle school.
  • Multiple Subject teaching credential candidates who earn a Supplementary Authorization (SA) in Mathematics or Science permitting them to teach in departmentalized middle schools are eligible for a $500 stipend! Visit here for more information! (A flyer with just information about requirements for the SA in Mathematics is available here.)
  • Get valuable experience observing in the math or science classroom of a talented teacher via the Early Field Experience (EFE) Program. Contact Jaime Arvizu at ARC! MSTI pays $20/hour for students participating in the EFE!
  • Juniors and seniors: Check out this great Noyce scholarship opportunity! Growing Outstanding Teachers of Mathematics (GOTMath)

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