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Master of Arts in Education

M.A. in Education, option in Curriculum and Instruction


Course Number Course Title Units
CI 250 Advanced Curriculum Theory and Analysis 3 units
CI 275 Advanced Instructional Theory and Strategies 3 units
CI 285: Seminar in Advanced Educational Psychology
ERE 288: Educational Measurement and Program Evaluation
3 units
ERE 220 Research in Education 3 units
CI 298: Project
CI 299: Thesis
3 units
Sample Electives (Note: You may take up to 9 units of 100-level non-GE courses as part of your required 15 units of electives; all other courses must be 200-level like the ones below.)
CI 225 Integrating Computer Technology into the Curriculum 3 units
CI 227 Current Issues and Trends in Educational Technology 3 units
CI 230 Planning and Implementing Innovative Technology Programs 3 units
CI 280T Designing Motivating Instruction 3 units
CI 280T Exploring Innovative Technologies 3 units
CI 280T Exploring Technology and Critical Thinking 3 units
ERE 287 Qualitative Research Methods in Education 3 units
ERE 289 Statistical Modeling 3 units


ERE 153 or an approved equivalent is a prerequisite for ERE 220 or ERE 288. ERE 153 may be used as an elective in the Curriculum and Instruction program. ERE 153 Substitution Request Form.

Visit the Fresno State Catalog for course descriptions.