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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Appendix A: Candidate Recruitment, Selection, and Monitoring

Reading/Literacy Specialist Credential


Minimum Total Score

Average Total Score

Average Total Score

Average Total Score

Phase 1:
LEE 213 Inquiry Project 16/20 (80%) 19.78 19.82 18.9
LEE 224 Case Study Report 16/20 (80%) 19.62 19.69 19.89
Phase 2:
LEE 244 Literature Review 80/100 (80%) 98.26 100 98.61
Phase 3:
LEE 254 Program Evaluation Report 80/100 (80%) Not available 92.75 98.8

Recruitment Activity Links to any supporting documentation Number of Participants Demographics of Participants (if available) Number of Participants Who Applied Number of Participants Who Enrolled
2019 - 2020
Materials distribution request email sent to local school districts. Email included flyers to advertise the Reading/Literacy programs

Recruitment message

Recruitment flyer

8 Districts, unknown number of recipients Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kremen Open House  Recruitment flyer Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Multiple Subject Class Visits

Recruitment flyer

Recruitment Presentation (Google)

70 participants Unknown Unknown Unknown
Informational Webinar

Recruitment Presentation (Google)

5 Unknown 3 3
Informational video promoted Kremen social media

Informational Video

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Informational webinars (2) promoted on Kremen social media

Event flyer 

Recruitment presentation (Google)

19 Unknown 10 10
Program social media accounts



Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Appendix A: