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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 4 Aspect C

The program is committed to and invests in strengthening and improving the education profession and the P-20 education system. Each program’s context (or multiple contexts) provides particular opportunities to engage the field’s shared challenges and to foster and support innovation. Engagement with critical issues is essential and must be contextualized. Sharing results of contextualized engagement and innovation supports the field’s collective effort to address education’s most pressing challenges through improvement and innovation.

Program Completer Support:
The Agricultural Education faculty at Fresno State regularly collaborate with the California Department of Education (CDE) Agricultural Education’s State Director and Regional Consultants, along with representatives of each of the four other institutions of higher education that grant the Agriculture Specialist Credential, to provide new and experienced teachers with multiple support activities each year. Our faculty are involved and contribute in the planning and delivery of regional and state-wide teacher in-service programs provided by the CDE and the California Agricultural Teachers Association (CATA). Our faculty attend two meetings each year with the CDE Ag Education staff and university teacher education program representatives. During these meetings participants discuss previous year’s evaluation data, discuss the in-service needs of our completers, and recommend professional and technical skill training needed by our teachers regionally and statewide. There are multiple conferences and in-service trainings that are provided annually by CDE and CATA. The most relevant for our completers are the New Professionals Conference (CDE), Fall Regional Roadshows/In-service (CDE), and the CATA Annual Conference/Professional Development Sessions.

Program Completer Follow-up:
The Agricultural Education program conducts follow-up surveys of all new program completers and their school site administrators. The purpose of the completer survey is to evaluate the effectiveness of the program including technical and professional coursework from the program completer’s perspective. Simultaneously, the employer survey is conducted to evaluate the school site administrators' perceptions of their new teacher’s level of preparedness to complete the duties required within their program. These two surveys are usually conducted every five years, however no data was collected in 2017. Survey results are available for 2012 and 2021 for both the New Completers and Employer surveys, links to the results summarizes can be found in Appendix B.

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