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Enseñamos en el Valle Central

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Enseñamos en el Valle Central

Growing Our Own Latina/o/x Teachers

Enseñamos en el Valle Central is a five-year, federally-funded Developing Hispanic Serving Institution (DHSI) collaboration focused on expanding cultivating pathways for future bilingual and Latina/o/x teachers beginning in high school and continuing through community college. Our efforts establish explicit partnerships with local community college campuses, which offer a pipeline into higher education among underrepresented students of Color and Latina/o/x communities in particular. 

Our mission is to cultivate and sustain current and future Latina/o/x teachers in the Central Valley across PK-16 institutions who embody commitment to equity, liberation, justice and anti-racism.


This is actualized through:

  • Purposefully promoting culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogies that are grounded in an anti deficit, anti racist, and anti oppressive framework;
  • Supporting the expansion of dual immersion, bilingual schools and classrooms across the Central Valley;
  • Building a sense of community via wellness, mentorship, respect, validation, and empowerment;
  • Providing future Latina/o/x teachers access and visibility to/with Latina/o/x leaders from various walks of life and professions;
  • Valuing community service, political awareness, and critical civic engagement for the public good;
  • Developing and providing ongoing guidance for all constituencies impacted by the Enseñamos Initiative that is inclusive of administrators, K12 teachers and higher education faculty, counselors, families, and community members.
  • Growing anti-racist educators and education advocates who commit to the journey of embodying and enacting anti-racist and anti-oppressive epistemologies and striving for liberation and freedom in their work with youth and communities
  • Unlearning the conditioning of internalized racism, challenging a society of racism and dismantling structural changes and antiracist policies.
  • Unapologetically confront antiracist epistemologies in K16 education systems 

Patricia LopezDr. Patricia D. López

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Director, Enseñamos en el Valle Central Initiative

Title V Award #P0315180093


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