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Enseñamos en el Valle Central


Colección de Arte

Reimagen Sin Fronteras

Coleccion de Arte

Enseñamos en el Valle Central is calling on K12 and Community educators and youth in Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare counties to co-construct an image that symbolizes what it means to teach in the Central Valley. Our goal is to elevate the perspectives and artistic expressions of youth as a method for reimagining an educational system that arms diverse cultures, languages, and community talent.

In collaboration with Arte Américas, all art submissions will be digitally submitted and displayed at this year's Cala Gala on October 30. Submissions will also be curated as lotería tablas to be showcased and played during Arte Américas Noche de Lotería Celebration on November 19, 2021!

Themes to Consider: art, culture, languages, ancestral knowledges, spirituality, healing, food…

Follow us on social media for upcoming details and tutorials!

Call for Submissions: October 17 through November 12, 2021

Enseñamos Colección de Arte: Reimagen Sin Fronteras Submission Form (English)

Forma de solicitud para el concurso de arte, Enseñamos Colección de Arte: Reimagen Sin Fronteras (Spanish)


Art Tutorial - Canva


Reimagen sin Fronteras Taller

Shareable Flyer

Shareable Flyer

The Fresno State Bilingual Authorization Program (BAP) trains future teachers with the skills needed to support linguistically and culturally diverse students. 

It also provides teachers with the skills to communicate effectively with families and have a deeper understanding of cultural competencies.

Currently, our Bilingual Authorization Program is under a course redesgin from a five course pathway to a three course pathway.

If you would like to view our current program requirements for Spanish or Hmong, please visit the Bilingual Authorization program page


For questions or more information, contact our Bilingual Authorization Program Coordinator:

Dr. Ana Soltero-Lopez 


The Enseñamos en el Valle Central Initiative holds a yearly two-week summer institute that is intended to be a safe space for critical dialogue and professional development for faculty and instructional coaches. Participants take part in structured sessions to engage current research and literature related to culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogies in order to strengthen the preparation of future bilingual educators in K12 schools. Participants completing the Enseñamos Summer Institute represent teacher pathways faculty from community college, and Fresno State’s multiple subject credential program. Faculty participants receive a stipend for full engagement in the summer institute and subsequent professional learning communities throughout the academic year. If you have any questions, please contact our Enseñamos faculty lead coordinator, Dr. Patricia López at

The Future Educator - Digital Storytelling Workshops is an opportunity that is specifically targeted to support students and their growth in college as well as a future teacher in the classroom. Enseñamos en el Valle Central is hosting a four part workshop that uses Digital Storytelling as a creative educational strategy to uplift, teach and learn from our students. Judy Duran, an English language development teacher and expert in Digital Storytelling, guides participants through the research behind personal testimonios, the components to Digital Storytelling and how to implement this work in a classroom.

Future Teacher Pláticas provide a meaningful and peer-to-peer, safe space that provides academic resources, guest speakers—current pre-service credential students and inservice teachers—and mentorship. Each plática is informed by students' feedback on pertinent topics that they would like more information on, such as: entrance- and exit-exam requirements (i.e., CBEST, CSET, and RICA), the California Bilingual Authorization, transfer requirements and coursework, internships, as well as clinical hours and residency options.

The Enseñamos en el Valle Central Initiative will continue to create connections with partnered high schools to either establish or support Future Teacher Academies. These academies will cultivate a pathway into teaching, either through community college or recruitment to Fresno State through the Enseñamos en el Valle Central Initiative.  

If you would like to collaborate with the Enseñamos en el Valle Central Initiative in estabilishing a High School Teacher club on your campus, please email Marivel Bravo-Mendosa at for more information. 

As part of the Enseñamos en el Valle Central initiative a K-16 counselor’s network meeting has been occurring every semester. Given the current context of continuous change we feel it is valuable to bring together High school, K-12, and community college counselors along with Fresno State faculty and staff in order to broaden collaboration and partnerships. Bringing in all individuals who are integral in helping to cultivate future teachers. 

We invite you to be apart of these conversations. We hope it creates future Latinx and Bilingual teachers and cultivates additional pathways into teaching. If you are interested in learning more about this particular K-16 Counselor Network there is a YouTube recording link to the Spring 2020 K-16 Counselor’s Network meeting. Additionally, we have provided links to CBEST/CSET updates, information regarding the current California Executive Order N-66-20 and important resources.

If you have further questions or would like to be part of our K-16 Counselor's Network, please contact Jessica Loera at

Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall 2020 K-16 Counselor’s Network!

In addition to the ambassadors, the new academic advisor will be supporting students feasibility in navigating through the process of obtaining BAP and the multiple subject credential by providing academic resources, information and university resources, ideally before credential admission. 

Liberal Studies Roadmap
Bilingual Authorization Program

Through our Testimonios we plan to share a humanized and individual look at the Latina/o/x teacher journey. We hope to inspire motivation and interest in the profession. Future teacher students will be able to share their stories through these testimonios and inspire incoming future teachers at Fresno State. For more information, or to get involved with this project please contact Dori Trujillo at