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Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Education, option in Reading/Language Arts

The Master of Arts degree program in Education with an option in Reading/Language Arts focuses on helping graduate students and teachers become professional reading literacy educators. Students can pursue a master's degree, credential, or added authorization in Reading and Language Arts.

The program is committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of instruction in reading and language arts. Our graduate students learn how to become professionals in the field. Their knowledge base increases as a result of making connections between literacy theory and pedagogy, and they learn how to coach and mentor other teachers in the field of literacy and reading.


Philosophy Statement

The Reading/Language Arts MA, which includes the Reading and Literacy Added Authorization and Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential, is a practitioner-centered program focusing on the interdisciplinary study of literacy from a variety of critical and sociocultural perspectives. Through these perspectives we emphasize culture and language in literacy instruction.

As a program, we follow the International Literacy Association’s definition of literacy as identifying, understanding, interpreting, creating, computing, and communicating with visual, audible, and digital materials across disciplines and contexts (2018). Skills like Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, as well as literary response and critique, and writing/composition, are developed through the lens of cultural experiences, the use of socially-situated practices, and culturally sustaining materials. 

We believe all people are literate, and align with Kirkland (2013, p. xiv) who stated, “Literacy is a potential—complex, social, cultural, historical, and even political—that, like energy, is ever stored in the human bond. The practice of literacy is a release of this energy/potential, which always exists in every human’s ability/vocation to make sense of our world” (David Kirkland, 2013, p. xiv).


Program Format - On Campus or Fully Online

Online Program Option

  • Developed for Working Professionals
    • Only need to be logged in during live sessions, complete the rest of the class at your own pace
  • One Class at a Time
    • Take one class every 8 weeks, 2 classes in a semester
  • Technology Support
    • Canvas and/or Google Classroom support embedded into the program

Best Online Master's Readying and Literacy BadgeCareer Opportunities

  • Literacy coaches in schools
  • Instructor at a community college
  • Educational literacy consultant in private and public settings
  • Diagnostician in reading clinics
  • Resource teachers in schools and community literacy centers
  • Consultant for publishing companies 

Program Options

Students can earn the credential and authorization simultaneously while seeking the Master of Arts degree.

*Graduates interested in the Authorization (RLAA) or the Advanced Credential (RLLSC) must possess a Multiple Subject State of California Teaching Credential upon program completion of the authorization or credential.  (Please see drop-down information tabs down below for additional information).

For more information, contact the Dr. Imelda Basurto, Department Chair at 559.278.0250 or stop by ED250 in the Kremen School.



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