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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

School Counseling | Standard 2

Contact Person
Gitima Sharma

Sergio La Porta

Associate Dean
Song Lee

For technical issues
Contact Laura Rabago at
  • Aspect A. Understand and engage local school and cultural communities, and communicate and foster relationships with families/guardians/caregivers in a variety of communities
  • Aspect B. Engage in culturally responsive educational practices with diverse learners and do so in diverse cultural and socioeconomic community contexts
  • Aspect C. Create productive learning environments and use strategies to develop productive learning environments in a variety of school contexts
  • Aspect D. Support students’ growth in international and global perspectives
  • Aspect E. Establish goals for their own professional growth and engage in self-assessment, goal setting, and reflection
  • Aspect F. Collaborate with colleagues to support professional learning