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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 3 Aspect D

Standard 3: Evidence shows that, by the time of program completion, candidates exhibit knowledge, skills, and abilities of professional educators appropriate to their target credential or degree, including: Enacts admission and monitoring processes linked to candidate success as part of a quality assurance system aligned to state requirements and professional standards

Recruitment (See Appendix A)
The FS PASC program utilizes a variety of methods for diverse applicant recruitment. The following table provides the method and respective description as rationale for use in the recruitment process.

Recruitment Method  Description 
Updated website inclusive of an interest form to coordinator  We updated the new website to include an interest form that gets directly emailed to the coordinator. The interest form is inclusive of important information for follow up with interested students. An email is sent to the interested student to set up a call to review program requirements and answer questions. Follow up reminders are sent to the students on the interest form spreadsheet.
Partnership recruitment process  Partnership recruitment is focused on the recruitment of candidates from the partner district. All flyers, information sessions are geared in alignment with that particular district and located in that district. 
Information sessions  Quarterly information sessions are held via zoom for interested students to provide an overview of the program and answer questions. 
P12 Admin Social Media platforms Instagram, facebook and Twitter have been created to help share information on social media. Alumni are highlighted to help others get interested in applying. Also, ads are purchased on social media to spread via social media. 

Admission and Selection Process (See Appendix A)
The requirements for program admission include a copy of CalState Apply confirmation as proof of application, unofficial transcripts, a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted and a minimum of 2.75 GPA on an post baccalaureate coursework, a complete statement of purpose stating the applicant’s short term and long term professional goals, three letters of recommendation and recommendation rubrics, meeting the writing competency requirement, and (for the Specialist Credential only) evidence of passing the CBEST. Table 2 provides a summary of admittance and enrollment data over the past three enrollment periods.

FS PASC Program Admission and Enrollment Numbers by Enrollment Semester

Enrollment Semester # of candidates admitted # and % of admitted who enroll
Fall 2020 33 28 (84.8%)
Spring 2021 14 11 (78.6%)
Fall 2021 28 24 (85.7%)

Potential candidates are prompted to follow the steps below, as noted on our PASC program admissions website

FS PASC Program Admission/Selection Process and Overview

Begin application at 

  • Select the term, and click "apply"
  • Sign in, or if a new applicant, create an account
  • From the dashboard, select "Add Program"
  • In the search box, type "Fresno"
  • Scroll down and select "Educational Leadership & Administration, MA" by clicking on the "+"
  • Select "My application" from the dashboard
  • Compete all four quadrants "Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials"   

Kremen School "Program Materials" section of the Cal State Apply application requirements (must be completed to be eligible for consideration for program admission)

  • Program Application - Located in the  "Program Materials" section in Cal State Apply
  • Unofficial Transcripts - Graduate program applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted and a minimum of 2.75 on any Post Baccalaureate work at Fresno State.
  • Statement of Purpose - Complete a statement of purpose for program entry.
  • Provide Two Letters of Recommendation - Include letters of reference from instructors, supervisors, or other individuals who are in a position to evaluate you in terms of your potential as a graduate student in the program.
  • Writing Competency - Must meet this requirement by one of the following:
    1. Previous completion of a Master's Degree
    2. Passing of CBEST (provide copy)
    3. Obtaining a minimum passing score on the Upper Division Writing Examination (UDWE) as an undergraduate
    4. GRE writing - minimum of 3.5
  • Copy of Professional Resume - Include a copy of current resume (no photographs).
  • TOEFL verification for International Students - If you are an International Student the TOEFL is a requirement for admission to Fresno State.  Verification of the TOEFL score is provided to the program by the International Admissions Office.

PASC program applicants must also provide specific verification for selection in order for candidates to meet the preconditions set by the CTC by the end of the PASC program (see Appendix A)

  • Evidence of meeting Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST or other measures)
  • At least 3.5 years of full-time experience
  • Copy of one of the following valid credentials:
    • A clear or life California teaching credential that requires a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation, including student teaching or the equivalent, and an English learner authorization; or
    • A clear or life California designated subjects teaching credential in adult education, career technical education, vocational education or special subjects, provided the applicant also possesses a baccalaureate degree, and an English learner authorization; or
    • A clear or life California services credential in pupil personnel services, health services for school nurse, teacher librarian services, or speech-language pathology or clinical or rehabilitative services requiring a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation, including field work or the equivalent.

Applicants for PASC credential only, in addition to the above requirements, applicants must also verify additional criteria.

  • Have a conferred master's degree or a master's degree in progress.
  • Verify with the Program Coordinator at least 3.5 years of successful, full-time experience in public schools or in private schools of equivalent status at the time the credential is bestowed.

Applicants for PASC Internship credential option, in addition to the above requirements, applicants must also verify additional criteria.

  • Possess (prior to admittance) the appropriate prerequisite credential, basic skills requirement;
  • Possess (prior to recommendation of credential) a verification of  appropriate experience for the intern credential and the assumption of intern administrative responsibilities; as well as,
  • Verify (prior to internship status) an offer of employment in an employing agency.

PASC Program Completion Verification Process
Once a student completes all program requirements and passes the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) and submits an application and fee, he/she will be recommended to the State of California for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The COE allows the holder to seek employment in an administrative position. Candidates with a COE must obtain a Clear Administrative Services Credential during the first five years of employment as an administrator. 

A student who completes all program requirements and submits an application and fee and is able to verify an offer of employment in a full or part-time administrative position will be recommended for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

In the last several years this process has gone through multiple transitions. Since the last program review candidates had a few different forms to complete at the end of the PASC program. After Fall 2019, candidates no longer submit a program completion form. Due to the addition of the CalAPA as a credential requirement for the PASC program completers, Fresno State no longer requires the candidate to complete the Program Completion Form. As of January 2020, the FS Program Coordinator verifies the completion of all program requirements and the passage of each leadership cycle of the CalAPA. Once that verification has taken place, the Program Coordinator submits a list of eligible candidates to the Credential Analysis so that the candidate may apply to the CTC for a Certificate of Eligibility or Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Candidates are given the following directives at the end of the program for successful completion:

Congratulations on completing all requirements to complete the PASC process. 

Your final step is to carefully follow all the instructions on the Application for Administrative Services Credentials – Instructions and file for a Certificate of Eligibility (not currently employed as an administrator) or Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (if you currently hold a position that requires an administrative credential). Until you complete this process, you do not hold a credential even though you completed a program. You must file with the State through our Credential Analyst at Fresno State, Sherri Nakashima, at

(Note: If you have not yet completed the requirement of five years of teaching or work on your base credential, hold on to all this paperwork and file as soon as you have completed five years.) 

Description of Monitoring and Support Process

Candidates participate in a program welcome where the program coordinator discusses what to expect in the first semester of the program, university resources, and major program milestones and expectations. Later, candidates receive a program check-in the middle of their first and second semesters of the program where candidates have the opportunity to provide feedback on the program, their performance, and request a meeting with the program coordinator. The program coordinator also provides periodic program updates to all candidates through the program Canvas website. After completion of the first semester, candidates pursuing the MAED program complete the Advancement to Candidacy form which is submitted and approved by the program coordinator. 

All fieldwork supervision, as another monitoring avenue, is done by each faculty member that teaches courses with embedded fieldwork included, specifically for the Redesigned program, within the Leadership Seminar and Fieldwork courses.  The Coordinator of the program collects and reviews each student’s Field Mentor Reflective Log that candidates submit regarding mentor interactions and field experiences per semester. 

Based on a mastery learning model, each  course provides a common scoring guide or rubric for competency tasks. Candidates have multiple opportunities to  earn a grade of “A” or “B” for each competency task and may not pass a course unless they have earned an overall  grade of “A” or “B”. Each course has competency tasks and candidates are evaluated by the teaching faculty and are given opportunities  to improve their competency scores. At the end of the semester, each candidates’ academic progress is checked by  the Coordinator and closely monitored and discussed in monthly P12 Graduate Group meetings.  Competency tasks and signature assignments are developed to assesses and used to monitor specific CAPE standards most relevant to the  course content and used to evaluate and monitor candidate progress. Courses and tasks have been developed to  align with leadership cycles of the CalAPA. Each semester students are to submit the CalAPA cycle of semester focus prior to the start of the next semester’s coursework so that candidates may concentrate on one cycle at a time.  

Each faculty member has identified coursework and CalAPA expertise. Faculty are assigned to teach specific courses  that coordinate with one or more of the leadership cycles. To strengthen this curriculum and assessment alignment, faculty have engaged in state-level training and work sessions for the cycle content being taught. In  monthly meetings, student assessment results will be shared by the Coordinator and discussed as faculty. As a final  step towards alignment, faculty will mentor students and provide individual feedback and remediation  opportunities for students who do not successfully pass each CalAPA cycle. Within each cohort of students, the  teaching faculty of record for the specified leadership cycle will provide content-specific assistance for students that  did not achieve the state score mandate. Support in the form of submission analysis will take place during the semester that results are released.  

The following information is shared in the FS PASC/MAED Handbook as key program benchmarks:  

Candidates must earn a grade of “A” (Competent and of Quality) or “B” (Competent) on each Competency Task  in a program course, therefore, candidates must redo and resubmit any task not assessed as  Competent/Quality. If a candidate wishes to redo and resubmit a task to move from a grade of “B” (Competent)  to a grade of “A” (Competent and of Quality), a candidate may do so if the instructor of the course deems that  there is a reasonable amount of time for resubmission and grading prior to the date for final grade reports.  Should a candidate choose not to redo and resubmit a competency task assessed as “Below Competent/Quality,” the candidate will earn a final course grade of “C” (Below expectations). However, if the  average score for all course competency tasks equates to a grade below 70%, the candidate will earn a final  course grade of “F” (Does not meet program expectations).  

Earning a "C" grade in a master's or program course in the Educational Leadership and Administration program  is not considered to be a satisfactory grade. The first "C" obtained places a student on probation and the second  "C" acquired will mean dismissal for the student. If a grade below a "C" is earned, the course must be retaken  without replacement (meaning the original grade received remains on the transcript and is included in GPA  calculations).

Students enrolled in the Educational Leadership & Administration and Preliminary Administrative Services  Credential program must successfully complete all course work and the California Administrative and  Performance Assessment (CalAPA) requirements in order to receive an administrative credential. The California  Administrative and Performance Assessment is also referred to as the Cal APA. Students in the program are referred to as candidates. 

For students who do not pass a particular leadership cycle, remediation will occur between the instructor that taught the assessment concepts and the candidate as requested. This is in alignment with the  PASC program expectation set forth by the CTC.

Candidate Tracking: Application to Completion

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 2 1 1 1
Asian 9 7 7 7
Black 5 5 5 5
Hispanic 33 31 30 27
Pacific Islander 0 0 0 0
Two or more races 4 3 3 2
Unknown 2 2 2 2
White 33 32 30 28
Total 88 81 78 72

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 0
Asian 4 3 3 2
Black 2 1 1 1
Hispanic 18 15 15 12
Pacific Islander 0 0 0 0
Two or more races 1 1 0 0
Unknown 1 1 1 0
White 18 15 15 13
Total 44 36 35 28

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 0
Asian 0 0 0 0
Black 0 0 0 0
Hispanic 9 9 9 8
Pacific Islander 0 0 0 0
Two or more races 0 0 0 0
Unknown 2 2 2 2
White 6 6 6 5
Total 17 17 17 16

  Applicants Admitted Enrolled  Completed
American Indian 0 0 0 0
Asian 4 3 3 2
Black 1 1 1 0
Hispanic 16 13 13 12
Pacific Islander 1 1 1 1
Two or more races 2 1 1 1
Unknown 3 3 3 3
White 13 12 12 12
Total 40 34 34 31

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