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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential | Standard 3

Contact Person
Jessica Hannigan

Sergio La Porta

Associate Dean
Song Lee

For technical issues
Contact Laura Rabago at
  • Aspect A. Offers coherent curricula with clear expectations that are aligned with state and national standards, as applicable
  • Aspect B. Develops and implements quality clinical experiences, where appropriate, in the context of documented and effective partnerships with P-12 schools and districts
  • Aspect C. Engages multiple stakeholders, including completers, local educators, schools, and districts, in data collection, analysis, planning, improvement, and innovation
  • Aspect D. Enacts admission and monitoring processes linked to candidate success as part of a quality assurance system aligned to state requirements and professional standards
  • Aspect E. Engages in continuous improvement of programs and program components, and investigates opportunities for innovation, through an effective quality assurance system
  • Aspect F. Maintains capacity for quality reflected in staffing, resources, operational processes, and institutional commitment