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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Standard 4 Aspect C

4c. Supports Completer entry and/or continuation into their professional roles, as appropriate to the credential or degree earned.

(Appendix B)
Completer Survey of Program Effectiveness
We do not currently have an official Completer Survey of Program Effectiveness.  For Cohort 2022 completers, program coordinators, in conjunction with faculty in other educator preparation programs, will design a Completer Survey on Program Effectiveness to be emailed to completers within six months of completion of the program. The goal of this survey is to learn more about completers’ perceptions of the program’s strengths and weaknesses once they are in the field and to use that information to improve program practices. Additionally, the coordinators and faculty will use the survey to learn how to  better support completers after they have left the program.

Employer/Supervisor Survey of Program Effectiveness
The SNSC program currently does not follow up with program completers directly, but reaches out to employers/supervisors and school nurse administrators and leadership to receive feedback on program effectiveness.  The Employer/Supervisor Survey of Program Effectiveness is given to District Health Services Administrators who supervise program candidates in the workplace.  These aspects look at how the program prepares candidates in assessment areas to improve and support a students’ ability to learn.  The survey includes a final comprehensive question about the program's effectiveness. 

In 2020, Survey completers rated the Fresno State SNSC program Excellent or Good 100% of the time with 92% of Employers/Supervisors stating the SNSC program was Excellent.

Professional Development
Fresno State SNSC program does not provide professional development after graduation directly but works with the California School Nurse Organization to provide professional development opportunities for school nurses across the state.  Candidates can access in-services as part of the practicum experience and the annual CSNO Conference is an annual forum for professional networking, collaboration and insight into the school nurse role. 

Legislative advocacy
The SNSC program works with the CSNO legislative advocate to monitor legislation that has the potential to negatively affect the health and wellness of students within school and community settings.  

Summary of Findings 4c
The SNSC program supports completer entry and/or continuation into their professional roles by alignment with the California School Nurse Organization (CSNO) to provide future collaboration/networking, scholarship opportunities and legislative direction for professional school nurses.  An employer survey that includes comprehensive questions about the program's effectiveness is also used to improve program impact.

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