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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

Appendix C: Program Capacity and Institutional Commitment


Parity Table: Advanced Credential Programs 2020-2021

Capacity Aspect Fresno State Long Beach State Analysis of Difference
Budget, School of Education $9,145,074 $9,344,745 Although Long Beach State’s budget was slightly higher, our budgets are relatively similar.
Percentage of University Budget for School of Education 8.24% of Academic Affairs Budget  5.14% of Academic Affairs Budget The Academic Affairs budget is substantially higher at Long Beach State, accounting for the difference in the overall percentage.
Department Budget, Counseling (School Counseling is housed here) $2,167,630 $2,414,562  Similar budget for the overall department
Department Budget, Education Leadership (PASC is housed here) $449,9451 $1,015,142  Our Ed Leadership program looks underfunded. However, some of the faculty and staff costs are funded through our Doctoral Program budget.
Program Budget, School Nursing $240,369 (see below) (no School Nursing program) No comparison possible

Analysis: In terms of the overall fiscal structure related to college and department funding, we are on par with Long Beach State. 


1Note: our Ed.D. program is located within Ed Leadership with a separate budget of $652,950.

Capacity Aspect Fresno State Long Beach State Analysis of Difference
Graduate Studies Office (staff salaries) $53,856
(one staff member: Admissions Analyst)
(3 dedicated staff members)
Given the number of graduate programs in Kremen, it’s clear that we are under-resourced in this area. 
Advising Center (staff salaries) $160,3202 $153,072  This is one area where we exceed Long Beach State, demonstrating our commitment to student success.
Credential Processing (staff salaries) $59,304
(1 analyst)
(Director, 3 credential analysts, 1 office coordinator)
Again, this is an area that needs immediate attention.

Analysis: This is one area that is revealing. For the last two years, we’ve been working to build infrastructure within Kremen to assure that our programs run smoothly. Although we’ve been successful in garnering positions that support our initial credential programs, this analysis reveals that more attention is needed to support our advanced credential programs. The biggest need, especially given that our current credential analyst will retire within the next year or two, is with credential processing since this work benefits all of our programs. We also need to examine how we support our graduate programs, which would require a better understanding of what support our Graduate Studies division offers. 


2Note: the majority of advising for advanced credentials is done by Program Coordinators. 

Capacity Aspect Fresno State Long Beach State Analysis of Difference
Tenure Density, 2020-2021 Kremen 47.4%
Fresno State 55%
School of Ed, 50.6%
Long Beach State, 51.4%
Note that Kremen is lagging behind both Fresno State and Long Beach State
WTUs for Program Coordinators per academic year School Counseling: 8 WTUs 
School Nursing: $15,000 in pay for 2 faculty members
ELA: 6 WTUs 
Reading Language: 6 WTUs 
Unknown No comparison possible
Research Grants and Contracts $3,848,875 (2020-21 AY)
43 awards
$5.8 million 
(unknown time frame)
Without the time frame for Long Beach, a definitive analysis isn’t possible. However, it does look like there is room for us to grow in the area of grant/contract support.
Analysis: We’ve been successful over the last year at getting permission to hire new faculty. At the same time, we’ve lost several faculty members who accepted positions elsewhere. Tenure density will continue to be an issue in the School since clinical practice work is generally supervised by adjunct faculty. Our biggest takeaway in this section of our analysis is the opportunity to increase our grant/contract work. 

Capacity Aspect Fresno State Long Beach State Analysis of Difference
Total FTE 99 107.22 There is a slight difference in FTEF, indicating that we may want to examine faculty workload and use of assigned time. 
Number of Students Enrolled in School of Education  2,960 (Fall) Approximately 3,000 We serve a similar number of students, suggesting our class sizes or number of units taken per student may vary. 
Scholarships 43 scholarships
$212,480 (note: these numbers come from our university scholarship office and do not include scholarships for students in residency programs which are administered within Kremen)
240 scholarships, over $1 million total Since many of our scholarships are given to students in the basic credential programs, we need to do further analysis here in terms of support for students in our Advanced Credential programs. Still, given the financial needs of our students, this is one area that needs attention.
Analysis: This section demonstrates the similarities between our two institutions in terms of number of students and FTEFs generated. The small amount of scholarship money is striking given the financial need of our students, many of whom contribute to the support of both immediate and extended family.  

Income (CGE) Expenditures (CGE) Financial contributions of CHHS Analysis 
264,957 240,369 Zero: all financial activity takes place on CGE’s books. This program appears to be thriving!


Institutional Support for All Programs
Many facilities and services are shared across campus. This table presents information about institutional support available to all our programs.

Library is the largest academic library between Sacramento and Los Angeles. It has a physical collection of over a million books, subscriptions to over 800,000 e-books and other e-publications, 50,000 online journals, magazines and newspapers, tens of thousands streaming videos, and 270 databases available 24 hours a day 7-days a week. The Libraryis a center for study, learning, and scholarship at Fresno State. Its collections and services are central to undergraduate and graduate instructional programs and to research of all kinds.

Librarian, Matthew Doyle is our subject-specific librarian to support research.

The Kremen School of Education and Human Development is equipped with a variety of classrooms and laboratory space including designated computer classrooms and “smart” classrooms that are available and used by the CER departments for education and training.  In addition, a number of distance learning classrooms and a media studio for the production and editing of media material is available.

The Education building itself was designed with the intent of giving emphasis to interrelationships of lecture, laboratory, and field experiences in support of professional preparation of counselors, teachers, specialists, and service personnel. Another important consideration in designing the building was establishing and maintaining a collaborative working relationship with local educational institutions and the community. In order to effectively provide curricula with lecture/laboratory/field emphasis and collaborate with schools and community, it was absolutely necessary that this facility be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

The Instructional Technology and Resource Center (INTERESC) staff is responsible for management and operation of computerized classrooms, smart classrooms and counseling laboratories in the KSOEHD and the program’s office campus counseling center, and the Fresno Family Counseling Center. The INTERESC Director provides coordination of the KSOEHD Instructional Technology and Resource Center. Staff within this unit provides assistance in instructional design for the preparation and production of videos, computer technology, and other media formats. INTERESC personnel also consult with faculty and staff in selecting specific computer hardware and software, reserving audiovisual equipment, computers, and other instructional resources, and providing video-recording support. 

IT Support/Professional Services provides desk-side support to end-users and the support work related to desktops and laptops. These services include the setup, maintenance and repair of desktop/laptop computers. IT Support/Professional Services work with IT Liaisons to deliver desktop support to units including Colleges, Schools and Divisions. 

The university provides free gmail mail accounts to every, faculty and staff member. With those accounts come the full suite of Google tools, including Google Docs, Google Sites, etc. Students, faculty, and staff also can purchase the Adobe Suite for just $35 per year.  In addition, the My Fresno State portal allows faculty to manage their classes and input grades. While staff are able to register for classes, create a class schedule, check their grades and update student contact information. Faculty and Staff can also perform human resource tasks such as time management and learning and development in the My Fresno State Portal as well. Faculty and Staff can also find important announcements on My Fresno State concerning outages, events, and deadlines, among other things. These are just some of the tools available through the university.  

For students and faculty: DISCOVERe provides support for the Fresno State Tablet Program. President Joseph I. Castro formally launched Fresno State’s Tablet Program, DISCOVERe, in Fall of 2014. Faculty members from across the University agreed to redesign courses to leverage tablets. The goal of DISCOVERe is to lower the cost of student textbooks and to facilitate student success both in content mastery and technology skill-set building.

DISCOVERe tablet program is at the core of Fresno State’s bold vision of finding new ways to teach that will engage and challenge students to improve their success in the classroom. It's an aggressive initiative to break down the digital divide and rethink educating tomorrow's leaders.

The Graduate Writing Studio offers one-on-one sessions with peer consultants. Graduate students have the opportunity to meet with consultants in person or online for help crafting and drafting the project, thesis, or other longer assignments.

The Graduate Statistics Studio offers research and statistical support for all graduate students.

FINANCIAL SYSTEM SUPPORT. Technical and maintenance support for the campus financial component in PeopleSoft. 

Technical and maintenance support for student records, class schedule, registration, grades and other Student Administration functions.

Technology Services provides baseline recommendations on technology equipment on campus, including computer workstations, faculty laptops, and smart classroom equipment. Technology Services works collaboratively with the Academic Information Technology (AIT), campus purchasing and various other campus entities to ensure that campus technology equipment stays current and useful.

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