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AAQEP Accreditation 2022

QAR 1 Aspect Evidence Table

Bilingual Authorization Program

Standard 1

Standard/Aspect Data Source
1A: Content, pedagogical, and/or professional knowledge relevant to the credential or degree sought
1A LEE 136: Spanish Lesson Plan
1A BAP Completer Survey
1b. Learners; learning theory, including social, emotional, and academic dimensions; and application of learning theory
1B LEE 136 Literacy, Language, and Culture Story/Project
1B BAP Faculty Survey
1B BAP Completer Survey
1c. Culturally responsive practice, including intersectionality of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and expression, sexual identity, and the impact of language acquisition and literacy development on learning
1C LEE 136 Literacy, Language, and Culture Story/Project
1C BAP Completer Survey
1d. Assessment of and for student learning, assessment and data literacy, and use of data to inform practice
1D LEE 136: Spanish Lesson Plan
1D BAP Faculty Survey
1D BAP Completer Survey
1e. Creation and development of positive learning and work environments
1E BAP Faculty Survey
1E BAP Completer Survey
1f. Dispositions and behaviors required for successful professional practice
1F BAP Faculty Survey
1F BAP Completer Survey

Standard 2

Standard/Aspect Data Source
2a. Understand and engage local school and cultural communities, and communicate and foster relationships with families/guardians/caregivers in a variety of communities
2A BAP Completer Survey
2A BAP Employer Survey
2A BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey
2b. Engage in culturally responsive educational practices with diverse learners and do so in diverse cultural and socioeconomic community contexts
2B BAP Completer Survey
2B BAP Employer Survey
2B BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey
2c. Create productive learning environments, and use strategies to develop productive learning environments in a variety of school contexts
2C BAP Completer Survey
2C BAP Employer Survey
2C BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey
2d. Support students’ growth in international and global perspectives
2D BAP Completer Survey
2D BAP Employer Survey
2D BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey
2e. Establish goals for their own professional growth and engage in self-assessment, goal setting, and reflection on their own practice
2E BAP Completer Survey
2E BAP Employer Survey
2E BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey
2f. Collaborate with colleagues to support professional learning
2F BAP Completer Survey
2F BAP Employer Survey
2F BAP Completer (1+ years) Survey

Appendices Supporting Standards 3 and 4

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