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Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Workability IV

Established in 2003, The Workability IV Project at California State University, Fresno is designed to provide services to clients of Department of Rehabilitation who are students at Fresno State in their final years of academic study (or have graduated within the last year).  The intent of these services is to prepare and assist these individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment after graduation.


The unique part of this program is that Student Placement Managers (third and fourth semester graduate students in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program) will assist in the service delivery to each DOR client.  The Student Placement Managers will spend the semester learning and practicing their counseling skills under the direct supervision of the Workability IV Coordinator.  This has a double benefit:  The clients receive hands on individualized assistance in the education to employment transition, and the graduate student placement managers have the opportunity to obtain hands on experience working with consumers while at the same time helping to prepare students to work in the Department of Rehabilitation in the future.


Each student will be responsible for two consumers. Together with the consumer the SPM will create an individualized service plan, which will support the goal for employment. The student will assist consumers with resume, cover letter, and thank you letter creation and development, job search skill, employer advocacy, interview skill review, appropriate time for disclosure and practice, ADA advocacy information, accommodation information resources, and coaching in business etiquette and office politics. Other area that students may assist consumer on an as needed basis are expungements, and pass plan development. Once a consumer is employed the SPM continues to monitor the employment to ascertain that the consumer is adjusting to his/her new employment.



Erica Ananian-Eastes, M.S., C.R.C
Coordinator, Workability IV
(559) 278-0125 phone 
(559) 278-0132 fax