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Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Curriculum & Courses

Program Prerequisites

Program Prerequisites
Course Course Title Units
ERE 153 Educational Statistics 3
COUN 176 Counseling & Mental Health 3
COUN 174 Introduction to Counseling 3
    Total 9 Units

Foundational Curriculum

Foundational Curriculum
Course Course Title Units
COUN 200 Seminar in Counseling Techniques 3
REHAB 201 Professional Identity and Ethics in Counseling 3
COUN 201 Seminar in Multicultural Aspects of Counseling 3
COUN 202 Seminar in Group Counseling 3
COUN 203 Seminar in Assessment in Counseling
COUN 206 Counseling Through the Lifespan
COUN 220 Career Development
ERE 220 Research
COUN 280T Advanced Counseling Theories
    Total 27 Units

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum
Course Course Title Units
REHAB 204 Medical & Psychological Aspects of Disability, Chronic Illness, & Mental Health 3
REHAB 211 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
COUN 232 DSM-V 3
REHAB 237 Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Services Case Management 3
REHAB 238 Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services Practicum 3
REHAB 265 Rehabilitation of Substance Use Disorders 3
REHAB 268 Advanced Career Placement & Counseling 3
Electives Options listed below under "Other Electives" 3/6
REHAB 239 Internship in Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling 9
REHAB 298 Project ---
REHAB 299 Thesis ---
  Comprehensive/CRC Exam ---
    Total 33 Units

Note: Supportive and core curriculum totals equal 57 units. This total excludes the required number of electives pertaining to the respective path (LPCC or traditional).

Electives for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) Path

Course Course Title Units
COUN 280T Psychopharmacology in Counseling 3
COUN 280T Crisis Trauma Counseling 3

Other Electives

Other Electives
Course Course Title Units
COUN 234A Sexuality 1
COUN 234B Violence in Intimate Relationships 1
COUN 234D Psychopharmacology 2
REHAB 262 Assistive Technology
REHAB 280T Topics Course (varies) 3

LPCC route - need 6 units of electives.
Traditional Rehab/CRC only - need 3 units of electives.