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John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership

Customized Services

A wide variety of customized services are available to meet the unique needs of individual districts and leadership teams.


Instructional Rounds

Developed by Elmore and his colleagues and perfected by Dr. Linda Hauser, the training reinforces a strong collaborative culture around their core mission--educating students at rigorous levels.  Welty Center is currently providing IR training and support to seven Central Valley school districts.

Leadership Development

Welty provides executive coaching and leadership seminars, facilitation for the development of new teacher evaluation plans, principal coaching and executive coaching.

Curriculum Development

Experts assist districts in implementation of instruction best practices in lesson design, EL, math, literacy, and writing. 




Project Management

Welty experts, trained in best practices, work with leaders to build skills and internal capacity needed to develop a quality project or action plan, whether it requires achieving a desired outcome in a single meeting or actively planning and managing a long-term implementation of an important objective on your strategic plan.

Instructional Leadership

Welty Center leaders and associates  possess a vast wealth of knowledge and skills in instructional best practices, assessment development, data talks, progress monitoring, unwrapping standards, curriculum alignment,  4Cs, PBIS, just to name a few!

Team Building

Single day and multi-session workshops are designed to support development of effective single school and whole district teambuilding efforts.  Popular topics include PLC, data teams, dealing with difficult people, meeting management, and collaborative problem solving and decisions making.

Additional On-Demand Services

The Welty Center routinely customizes, creates and facilitates single day, as well as multiple session, workshops based on the specific needs of individual districts.  For example, Welty leaders and associates routinely provide training designed to develop knowledge and skills in EL and literacy, teacher professional development planning,  EL task force, communication, meeting management, conflict resolution, and systems thinking.

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