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John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership

Exemplary Practices in Educational Leadership Conference

Fresno State’s annual Exemplary Practices in Educational Leadership Conference brings together Central Valley leaders from schools, districts, businesses and community organizations to share best practices and challenges. Past conferences have focused on the following topics: 

  • social emotional learning
  • mental health
  • distance learning
  • human trafficking
  • equity in STEAM
  • multi-district collaboration

Next Exemplary Practices Conference- November 1, 2022

Keynote Speaker- Kenneth Wesson

2022 Mehas Leadership  Event- HELD February 1, 2022 

Embrasing Tranformational Change

rozen photo


 Dr. Michelle Rozen, Keynote Speaker

 Expert on leadership & personal and professional growth,

leading change. inspiring growth, motivation, leadership

and change management, providing growth, motivation and practical tools 

 Highlights from Dr. Rozen Keynote Address

2020-2021 Exemplary Practice Conference Highlights (Videos)

The Exemplary Practices in Educational Leadership Conference was held vrtually Feb 23-25, 2021.   The conference included four exceptional keynote speakers and 41 breakout sessions.

Bonner Character Awards 2020-2021 (Video)

Breakout Session Videos (Click on title to access)
Breakout Session Videos
A-1-Ethical Leadership and Professional Life A-2-Revisiting UDL Principles-Evaluating/Building MTSS  A-3-Creating Positive eLearning Environments A-4 - Early Literacy & Math Connections
B-1-The Urgency of Revitalizing Civic Education B-2: Okay, Now We’re a PLC, So What’s Changed B-3- Mental Health Awareness N.A.M.I Club B-4- Our SELL for SEL
C-1  Civics Action: State Seal of Civic Engagement C-2-Creative SEL Solutions for Students & Adults C-3-Leadership Practices for Challenging Times—SEL   2020-2021 Bonner Character Awards
D-1-Designing an FIAB Assessment System D-2 Teaching/Engaging All EL D-3-SEL from A Distance: Anytime, Anywhere! D-4-Adapt, Adopt, Abandon
E-1 Leading Strengths-Based Schools E-2  Designing Access to STEM Thru Dual Enrollment E-3 A Biologically-Roadmap:  From Trauma to Resilience E-4 Journey Continuous Improvement at Scale
F-1 -Tackling Attendance - MTSS  Distance Learning  F-2 Interim Assessments + Formative Assessment  F-3-New Comer Pathways for Secondary Students Collegial/Constructive Conversations
G-1-Challenges & Opportunities (Supts) G-2- Tackling Student Engagement (Teacher ) G-3 Closing the Growing Achievement Gap (Curr/Inst) G-4-Leading from a Distance (Principals)
H-1-Co-Designing the Improvement Process H-2-Technology Connections to Support Literacy H-3 The MTSS Start-Up Guide Am I Ready?  Leading thru Uncertain Times
J-1-Coaching/Mentoring Distance/Hybrid Learning J-2- Taking Care of You!   Self-Care Strategies  J-3- Using Science to Support TK-6 Literacy J-4-How to Start Improvement Science Journey
K-1-The California English Learner Roadmap K-2-Ensuring Equity in Curriculum and Instruction K-3 -  PROTECT -K-12- Human Trafficking    K-4- Positivity Project  Making A Difference, K-6
 L-1 Systems of Assessment: SBAC Tools Systematically L-2 Artful Thinking Routines For CAASPP    


2020-2021 Keynote Speakers included:

Mike Erwin

Mike Erwin: Am I Ready? Leading Yourself through Uncertain Times

  • West Point graduate and two-time Bronze Star medalist
  • Leadership consultant pro sports, international corp and gov. dept
  • Founder Red, White, Blue  with over 200,000 veterans
  • Founder of the Character and Leadership Center
  • Founder Positivy Project

Yong Zhao

Yong Zhao: Developing Self-Directed Learners

  • Recognized international influential scholars on 21st century learning
  • Author of over 30 books and over 100 articles
  • American Education Research Association Award
  • Horace Mann Outstanding Public Educator

Shirly Stiles

Shirley Stiles: Collegial and Constructive Conversation

  • Born and raised in Namibia, South Africa
  • Graduated with distinction Napal, South Africa
  • Consultant in South Africa, Canada, Cambodia, U.S. and DND (US) Germany
  • Alberta, Canada Administrator of the Year

Alan November

Alan November: Cultivating a World-Class Work Ethic

  • 15 th most influential thinkers
  • Top 8th leadership designees
  • International speaker in over 40 countries
  • Speaker Sweden's Nobel Prize festival
  • Original 5 national McAuliffe Educators
  • PLC Conference founder

Past Keynote Speakers Include

Chip Heath

Chip Heath
Making Every Moment Count
Oct. 2019

Mike Erwin

Mike Erwin
Making Every Moment Count
Oct. 2019

Pedro Noguera

Pedro Noguera
Fulfilling the Promise-A Quality Education for All Students
Oct. 2018

Robyn Jackson

Robyn Jackson
Responsive Leadership: Creating Conditions for Student Success 
Sept. 2017

Mike Schnokersm

Mike Schmoker
Achieving Results through Equity
Oct. 2016

Robert Marzano

Robert Marzano
Awakening the Learner
Sept. 2015

Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott
Awakening the Learner
Sept. 2015

Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan
Maximizing Leadership for Systemic Change
Oct. 2014


Richard and Rebecca DuFour
Marking Progress on the Professional Learning Communities
Oct. 2013

Richard Elmore

Richard Elmore
Leading World-Class Learning Building Coherence
Oct. 2013

Yong Zhao

Yong Zhoa
Leading World-Class Learning Building Coherence
Oct. 2013