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Kremen School of Education and Human Development

California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP)

CRLP belongs to a larger network of discipline-specific programs known as the California Subject Matter Projects (CSMP), administered by the University of California, Office of the President. Our statewide office is located at University of California, San Diego, provides support for our nine regional sites across the state.  At each site, teachers and scholars work together to improve classroom instruction, student learning, and literacy.

                                                CRLP Statewide Office


The Mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high-quality standard-based teacher professional development in reading/ language arts and English language development to ensure that every student achieves the highest standards of academic performance by:

  • Developing teachers’ content knowledge and expanding their instructional strategies
  • Supporting the effective use of the current California State Standards
  • Focusing on academic English language development
  • Creating a cadre of expert teacher leaders


To build a community of educators willing to transform the literacy practices in our schools to achieve equity for a socially just world.

CRLP’s mission and vision stems from its core values and the evolution of elements that serve them: 

  • Literacy: Literacy is a civil right. 
  • Equity: All students deserve high quality responsive, culturally affirming literacy instruction.
  • Leadership: Teacher leadership fosters agency for courageous and informed decision-making.
  • Community: Inclusive and collaborative educational communities advance collective expertise.
  • Inquiry: Curiosity and questioning create a cycle of learning, knowing, and understanding.

CRLP Signature Programs

Signature Programs are facilitated through a collaborative partnership with a school or district. Once a partnership has been established, the CRLP will work with you and your team of teachers to customize our program content in a way that meets your school or district's needs and goals. Programs will be scheduled around your team's calendar, and can be held through an online platform, or at your school-site. We understand the importance of culture and connection. We will select the best teacher leaders for your team of educators. These leaders will not only deliver content but will help your team practice what they've learned and use their newly acquired knowledge create real change in their classrooms. 

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Contact the  CRLP Regional Office at UC San Diego if you are interested in bringing a CRLP signature program to your school!

CRLP Statewide Office
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CRLP San Diego, Regional Office

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Teacher Leadership

Each year teachers from around the Central Valley are invited to be a part of CRLP's Teacher Leadership Invitational Professional Development Series. 


Teachers who serve as members of the leadership team engage in monthly collaboration focused on language and literacy. Teacher leaders engage in professional inquiry and build leadership skills while informing the work of our local projects and our CRLP statewide network. As lifelong learners, CRLP teacher leaders work to deepen their professional knowledge as they improve literacy instruction for their students.

Contact the CRLP Regional Office at UC San Diego if you are interested in becoming a CRLP Teacher Leader. 

CRLP Contact Information:

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