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John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership

About the Welty Center

The Welty Center accomplishes their mission through conferences, training, coaching, and consulting activities in collaboration with the 150 school districts served by the Kremen School of Education and Human Development.

Mission Statement

The aim of the Welty Center is to bring best leadership practices to all aspects of the education system in the San Joaquin Valley in order to eliminate the achievement gap and raise the performance of all learners. 

Strategic Objectives & Goals

Leadership Excellence Focus

Develop and sustain high performing educational leaders in the Central Valley.

Goal 1: Be a recognized expert on leadership best practices. (Ongoing)

Goal 2: In conjunction with California State University, Fresno, ensure sustainable leadership. (On-going)

Goal 3: Develop and empower work with and for a network of educational leaders including, but not limited to, superintendents, trustees, principals, teacher leaders, and community members. (Ongoing)

Goal 4: Continue partnership with  Partners and fully participate in strategic planning. (Ongoing)

Goal 5: Establish a premiere institute for leaders dedicated to improving academic achievement in the Central Valley. (Ongoing)

Goal 6: Create a regional advisory board to ensure relevance of offerings and, where appropriate, expand the work to other community leadership efforts.

Stakeholders and Market Focus

Instill a regional sense of urgency and awareness about the need to strengthen educational leaders to affect systemic change in the San Joaquin Valley.

Goal 1: Build an expanding network of relationships with school districts across the San Joaquin Valley. (Ongoing)

Goal 2: Build a meaningful partnership with the Fresno Business Council and other regional civic organizations. (Ongoing)

Goal 3: Consult with and support the work of the eight county offices of education in the region and work closely with the superintendents to identify areas in which we can augment their work plans for improving student achievement. (Ongoing)

Goal 4: Ensure the continuance of the connection to the K-12 Work Group for the Governor’s Partnership for Central California. (Ongoing)

Goal 5: Establish and maintain a working relationship with the Human Investment Initiative, the Regional Jobs Initiative and similar efforts in the Central Valley.(Ongoing)

Strategic Partnerships and Financial Focus

Develop an ongoing, sustainable resource-base to fund improvement through strategic public/private partnerships.

Goal 1: Work closely with the fundraising professionals in the Kremen School of Education to develop individual, corporate, and grant funding to advance the work. (Ongoing)

Goal 2: Create an investment worthy business plan. (Ongoing)

Goal 3: Establish an endowment.  (Ongoing)

Product and Services Focus

Identify, develop, and deliver transformational services, products, and resources in collaboration with strategic partners and networks.

Goal 1: Determine and create a portfolio of products including, but not limited to, workshops, seminars, consulting, and research. (Ongoing)

Goal 2: Collaborate with strategic partners to conduct relevant research to inform educational leadership and to disseminate best practices. (Ongoing)

Goal 3: Expand outreach to potential clients. (Ongoing)

Goal 4: Serve as a clearing house of information on educational leadership services available through Welty and other partners. (Ongoing)