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Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Equity Scholars Initiative

Please check back for the 2023-2024 Equity Scholars announcement!

As part of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development’s current mission and vision, we seek to prepare professionals who are providing leadership and service in a diverse society.  The Kremen School aims to graduate and support individuals who can effectively make an impact and serve as change agents. We are now launching a scholarship initiative to support four students to integrate social justice efforts into their studies for the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

The Kremen Student Equity Scholars aims to:
a) develop students to be agile change agents who will work in racial, ethnic, and linguistically diverse communities and
b) connect community partners with student scholars who can lend support to navigating real-world complexities through the tools of praxis.

One student will be selected annually at each level of education within our programs. Whether Undergraduate, Credential, Master’s, or Doctoral level, each student scholar will be provided with tuition support up to $7,000 for one academic year.  In return, students are expected to engage in community service or partnership outreach or engage in research connected with their studies to address a specific issue of inequity or social justice in the local community.  Through their studies, students are expected to apply their 2022-2023 academic work in a focused way to demonstrate their impact on a social justice issue best suited to their discipline and interests.  The four recipients would align their studies and an active service learning or research project toward a specific equity/social justice driven outcome.  

  • Example 1:  A teacher candidate wants to better understand the culture of the school they would like to be placed in.  Students could conduct a research project exploring through focus groups and interviews, the most successful strategies teachers have used to establish a feeling of belonging in their school/classrooms.
  • Example 2:  A counseling candidate may use their  studies and clinical placement to explore feelings of isolation and conduct a small intervention study. 
  • Example 3: A Masters or Doctoral candidate may use their studies to conduct a pilot exploratory investigation of identified school inequities which leads to a large scale study for their thesis or dissertation.

Historically, the Kremen School's faculty, staff, instructors, students, administrators, and community partners have established and maintained a strong collaborative environment for addressing contemporary social issues. There are several active venues supported by the Kremen school where students can embed their work and serve in vibrant professional contexts to support learning, counseling, and leaders to make change during their studies. Students can join any of these efforts or forge their own collaboration to address anti-racism, anti-violence in communities of color, trauma-informed care in school, or other issues we experience in the world around us. 

Part of what Equity Scholars will give back in return is participation in the community in research and service in areas of social justice. Outcomes that stem from this initiative will help us to be a strong, active community partner, and to be a positive agent of change for the well-being, economic opportunity, and everyday quality of life among diverse communities in our region.

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