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Credential Programs

Fresno State Teacher Residency Programs


Fresno State’s teacher residency programs are making a difference in teacher preparation. Teacher residency programs are intensive preservice preparation where residents become members of the school community on day-one and contribute to the community throughout their teacher preparation.

The residency model combines rigorous masters-level coursework, teacher credentialing coursework and in-classroom apprenticeship. Evidence shows that residents, upon graduation, are more like second-year teachers in their first year of teaching. Our residency graduates are prepared to directly impact their central valley school’s needs.

We offer residency programs across the Central Valley. Students in a residency are partnered with a ‘Faculty-in-Residence’ and ‘Teacher-in-Residence’ and are supported by a comprehensive professional development curriculum. Residents receive special perks, such as district professional development, access to district technologies, paid sub days and guaranteed employment upon successful program completion.

During the resident’s year-long placement, they are fully immersed in the full-day classroom experience and gather deep knowledge of the district’s culture, expectations, and needs.


EXPLORE OUR TEACHER RESIDENCY PROGRAMS        (Multiple Subject and Education Specialist) 

Deep Collaborations with Schools and Districts

A residency model would not be possible without the deep collaboration and dedicated partnerships between Fresno State and local schools districts. Fresno State faculty work hand-in-hand with the school districts to detect what the district’s specific needs are. They focus on the assets of the school community and through co-planning, develop a curriculum that is directly responsive to the district’s needs. This method allows school districts to address the teacher shortage by creating their own pipelines of teachers - “growing our own”. 

“The residency model sets our district up to hire well-prepared teachers that embody our goals, beliefs and culture for years to come.”
- Associate Superintendent, Sanger Unified School District

Fresno State is dedicated to preparing teachers as educational leaders in the diverse communities of the Central Valley. Using this year-long placement model has shown an increase in student test scores and an enriched resident experience. The residents get a jump-start on the induction process and are coached specifically on areas of improvement for the district. By working every day as part of an instructional team, residents grow professionally, increase their marketability, and are able to network with multiple schools within the school district. The residency model offers residents multiple areas of support, from their cohort, Fresno State faculty, and the school districts, which allows them to create strong bonds along the way.

Nationally Recognized for Teacher Preparation