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CCTC Accreditation 2022

Preliminary Administrative Services

Contact Person
Jessica Hannigan

Acting Dean
Sergio La Porta

Associate Dean
Song Lee

For technical issues
Contact Laura Rabago at

1. Program Summary

Program Design

The Fresno State Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program and Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration (FS PASC/MAED) prepares highly qualified aspiring school administrators through coursework and embedded fieldwork experiences. This model includes high expectations, mastery learning, and cohorts of individuals currently employed in the educational setting. The program consists of a three-semester sequential progression that is based on requirements set forth by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). CTC standards include the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs). Candidates are expected to apply: theoretical and scholarly concepts, knowledge, and leadership skills in leading schools and school districts.

The mission of the FS PASC/MAED is to prepare credible and relevant leaders in education committed to advancing equity and excellence throughout the Central Valley. The program is rigorous, application-oriented, and focused on common goals in order to prepare knowledgeable practitioners. Candidates are offered the opportunity to remain working while taking courses in the evenings and in a blended or hybrid learning environment with some online coursework available. Candidates can complete the program in three semesters where courses have been developed to include specific CTC program standards and then correspond with a designated learning cycle in the new California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA).

The program offers an intern option as part of the integrated cohort model. All cohorts are in partnership with local school districts throughout the Central Valley. Intern candidates complete the same courses as others, however, they also complete EAD 287 (Internship I)/EAD 288 (Internship II) based on entry date as an intern candidate. During any given year school year, the FS PASC/MAED operates between three to five cohorts in local districts and on campus.

 Pathway Table

North Valley (Clovis Unified) Hybrid (face-to-face/online) Traditional/Intern
South Valley (Visalia Unified & College of the Sequoias) Hybrid (face-to-face/online) Traditional/Intern
East Valley (Sanger Unified) Hybrid (face-to-face/online) Traditional/Intern
East Valley (Kings Canyon Unified) Hybrid (face-to-face/online) Traditional/Intern
On Campus (Fresno State) Hybrid (face-to-face/online) Traditional/Intern

2. Organizational Structure

Kremen School Organizational Chart

Program Leadership

Kremen Dean

Kremen Credential Analyst

Kremen Associate Dean
Chair of Educational Leadership
Coordinator of P12 Educational Leadership Program
P12 Faculty

Field Placement

Candidate Initiates Field Placement & Field Mentor

Fresno State PASC Field Placement & Field Mentor Chain of Events

Coordinator Contacts Partnership Districts to Confirm Field Placement/Mentor
School Superintendent/School Board/Superintendent Designee Confirms Field Placement/Mentor
Coordinator Contacts PASC Field Mentor & Provides Training/Implementation Materials prior to the last line that states Assistant/Associate Professor Monitor Field Placement Competency & Hours within the course of record and by competency task.

3. Faculty Qualifications

Faculty Employment Designation
Nancy Akhavan, Ed.D. Full-Time Associate Professor
Virginia Borris, Ed.D. Full-Time Lecturer through May, 2020 (retire 8/2020)
Mabel Franks, Ed.D. Full-Time Lecturer through December, 2019 (retired 1/2020)
Linda Hauser, Ed.D. FERP Associate Professor
Jessica Hannigan, Ed.D. Full-Time Assistant Professor
Christina Luna, Ed.D. Full-Time Assistant Professor
Cecilia Mendoza, Ed.D. Full-Time Assistant Professor
Jennifer Moradian Watson, Ed.D. Full-Time Assistant Professor
Nichole Walsh, Ed.D. Full-Time Assistant Professor

Program Totals=7 full time faculty (Assistant/Associate Professor and Lecturer), 1 faculty retired 1/2020 (Lecturer), 1 faculty FERPing (Faculty Early Retirement Program).

No vacancies at this time.

Nancy Akhavan, Ed.D.
Associate Professor

Virginia Boris. Ed.D.

Mabel Franks, Ed.D.

Jessica Hannigan, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Linda Hauser, Ed.D. (FERP)
Associate Professor

Christina Luna, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Cecilia Mendoza, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Moradian Watson, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Nichole Walsh, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Published Adjunct Experience and Qualifications Requirements

Required Education:

  • An earned master’s degree and Administrative Services Credential.

Required Experience:

  1. Teaching experience at the P-12 level and/or higher education level;
  2. Minimum of two years as a P-12 administrator; and
  3. Ability to demonstrate a commitment to working effectively with faculty, staff, and students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • An earned doctorate (Ph.D. or Ed.D.) in educational administration or leadership with emphasis at the P-12 level or other related area.
  • Experience as a site principal, a superintendent, associate/assistant superintendent, other district-level administrator or equivalent position.

Temporary Faculty Policies @ Fresno State

Academic Policy Manual 3.06

None at this time.

4. Course Sequence


Semester 3
EAD 263: Seminar in Instructional Supervision 4 units 
EAD 269: Site-based Leadership 4 units 

*Culminating Master's Experience Options: 

4 units

Total 12 units
Total Programmatic Units 31 units


  • *Required courses for Master's Degree option.
  • 4-unit courses require more time for embedded field experience/performance tasks.
  • ERE 153 or approved equivalent is a prerequisite for ERE 220. ERE 153 is not a program requirement, however it is a prerequisite.

Redesigned Course Layout

Semester 1 (CalAPA 1)
EAD 261 School Leadership for Equity and Improvement 5 Units
EAD 271 Leadership Seminar and Fieldwork 1 1 Unit
ERE 153* Educational Statistics  3 Units
Total 9 Units
Semester 2 (CalAPA 2)
EAD 262 Communities of Practice for Student Learning and Wellbeing 6 Units
EAD 272 Leadership Seminar and Fieldwork 2 2 Units
ERE 244 Mixed Methods Research in Diverse Classrooms 4 Units
Total 12 Units
Semester 3 (CalAPA 3)
EAD 263 Professional Learning for Teacher Growth 4 Units
EAD 273 Site-Based Leadership and Fieldwork 3 4 Units
EAD 298 Research Project or EAD 299 Thesis 4 Units
Total 12 Units
Total Programmatic Units (Does not include prerequisite) 30 Units

*Prerequisite course

5. Course Matrix

Not Applicable 

6. Fieldwork and Clinical Practice

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) Program PASC Field Mentor


In a collaborative partnership between Fresno State’s Preliminary Administrative Services preparation program and district leadership, the in-the field administrator mentor provides guidance, assistance, and feedback regarding the work of the candidate in the administrative preparation program.


  • Holds an administrative credential
  • Currently serves as a principal or has recently served as a principal or designee
  • Assignment as a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) Mentor is supported by administration of the district/organization

Role of the Field Mentor:

  • Provide real world connections of the candidate’s program learning to the role of the today’s principal.
  • Provide context to current issues in the district/organization.
  • Enhance candidate learning through mentor’s personal experience.
  • Ask clarifying and probing questions to deepen candidate learning specific to the focus.
  • Provide effective feedback and guidance.

Responsibility of the Candidate:

  • Establish a conversation date/time with approved PASC Field Mentor within one week after completion of courses: EAD 272, EAD 263, & EAD 262, and during EAD 269 (final course).
  • Engage in a conversation with PASC Field Mentor within one week after the completion of each set of courses (EAD 261 & EAD 272), (EAD 280T & EAD 263), (EAD 274 & EAD 262) and final course (EAD 269), and share key learnings and content knowledge and skills developed as a result of active participation and work completed in the set of courses.
  • Produce a written Summary of the Conversation and Reflection (real world connections, application to the role of the principal, new learning perspectives, prompted to learn more about – need, and feedback and guidance of greatest value and why)
  • Upload written Summary of the Conversation and Reflection by the instructor designated date to the Course (EAD 280T, EAD 274 or EAD 269) and the Program Portfolio.

Responsibility of the PASC Field Mentor:

  • Collaborate with Fresno State preparation program leads. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Moradian Watson by email ( or phone 559-974-7582.
  • Engage in a conversation (in-person, electronically, or by phone) with the candidate at least once a semester and at the end of the final course.
  • Candidate will share key learnings and content knowledge and skills developed as a result of active participation and work in their courses. PASC Field Mentor will guide and assist candidate in deepening knowledge and skill by: (a) providing real world connections of the candidate’s course learnings (b) providing context to current issues in the district/organization, (c) enhancing candidate learning through the field mentor’s personal experience, (d) asking questions to deepen candidate learning in the specific focus areas, and (e) providing honest, effective feedback about the candidate’s work.

Program candidates in Educational Administration work at schools in the surrounding region, ensuring that they have experience with the complexities of day to day school settings and long-term policy design. As demonstrated by the data represented below, our region is home to some of the most diverse student populations in the state, meaning candidates in all our programs have opportunities to develop as practitioners while working with students from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as students with disabilities.

7. Credential Recommendation

Program Credential Recommendation

In the last several years this process has gone through multiple transitions. Since the last program review candidates had a few different forms to complete at the end of the PASC program.

1) 2011-Spring 2019, students used the following form Program Completion Form B

2) For Fall, 2019, candidates uses the following form Program Completion Form A

Beginning in Fall 2019, candidates no longer submit a program completion form.

Due to the addition of the CalAPA as a credential requirement for the PASC program completers, Fresno State no longer requires the candidate to complete the Program Completion Form. As of January 2020, the FS Program Coordinator verifies the completion of all program requirements and the passage of each leadership cycle of the CalAPA. Once that verification has taken place, the Program Coordinator submits a list of eligible candidates to the Credential Analysis so that the candidate may apply to the CTC for a Certificate of Eligibility or Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

Candidate Directives at the End of the Program:

  • Congratulations on completing all requirements to complete the PASC process.
  • Your final step is to carefully follow all the instructions on the Application for Administrative Services Credentials – Instructions and file for a Certificate of Eligibility (not currently employed as an administrator) or Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (if you currently hold a position that requires an administrative credential). Until you complete this process, you do not hold a credential even though you completed a program. You must file with the State through our Credential Analyst at Fresno State, Sherri Nakashima, at

(Note: If you have not yet completed the requirement of five years of teaching or work on your base credential, hold on to all this paperwork and file as soon as you have completed five years.)

The link to the application and instructions are here @

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential/Certificate of Eligibility: 

 Not Applicable