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Credential Programs

Single Subject Program Credential Faculty

(Subject to Semester Availability)



Single Subject Credential Courses

Faculty (T/TT & Temporary)

CI 149: Curriculum, Instruction & Technology

Dr. Jared Ott

Ms. Tina Nakashian
CI 151: Social Foundations in Secondary Schools

Mr. Aaron Lescroart

Ms. Marie Willams

CI 152: Educational Psychology

Dr. Rohit Mehta

Ms. Ashley Howell

Ms. Marie Williams

CI 161: Curriculum Methods
  • Agriculture -- Dr. Sam Rodriguez,
  • Art -- Dr. Ahran Koo
  • English/Social Science -- Dr. David Low
  • French  -- Mrs. Maria Elvira Hernandez
  • Industrial Technology - Retiree Dr. Darnell Austin 
  • Mathematics -- TBA
  • Music -- Drs. Tony Mowrer and/or Emily Mason
  • PE -- Drs. Nicole Smith & Tim Hamel
  • Sciences -- Dr. Alexandria Hansen
  • Spanish  --  Drs. Maria Morillo & Jorge Vargas

LEE 157: Teaching English Learners in Secondary Schools

Dr. Vicky Xiong-Lor

Retiree Dr. Tony Vang

Ms. Nancy Perez

LEE 156: Teaching English Across Content Areas

Dr. David Low

Ms. Lisa Thompkins

Ms. Nancy Walker

SPED 158: Differentiation Across Content Areas

Dr. William Garnett

Ms. Jeannette Vestal

Ms. Lisa McPhetridge

EHD 154A / EHD 155A: Initial Student Teaching / Field Placement Please see the University Supervisor/Coach Roster
EHD 154B / 155B: Final Student Teaching / Field Placement Please see the University Supervisor/Coach Roster
University Coach/Supervisor Positions (To apply)


For coaching/supervising EHD 155A (initial phase) and EHD 155B (final phase):

Temporary Single Subject Program Faculty Positions (To apply)

For teaching courses within the program: Temporary Faculty Experience and Qualifications