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Kremen School of Education and Human Development

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What is LGBTQ+?

The LGBTQ+ support program took root in early 2014, in an effort to provide for solidarity and fellowship in the community of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender academics, administrators and supportive staff and their allies at California State University, Fresno, and recognizing the historical significance of the term “LGBT” in reference to the self-concept and social justice efforts of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people and their allies, it has been deemed appropriate to secure for ourselves an organization that exists to promote the awareness of the needs of its members, and to advance the interests of faculty and staff who are LGBT or allies.

 We partner with a number of campus and community constituents committed to the support and advocacy of the LGBTQ+ community at Fresno State and the greater Central Valley. Most especially the Rainbow Allies and Alumx Club, United Student Pride, and the Cross Cultural and Gender Center. We are funded through PCHRE and we provide support specifically for LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty and their Allies. Our organization seeks to provide advocacy, education, and support for the advancement of LGBTQ+ community support on campus, seeking to enhance the campus climate and environment for LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, and students at Fresno State.


safe spaces

The Safe Zone project at Fresno State is one of our primary programs offered each semester. To become a member of the Fresno State Safe Zone program, you must attend the Safe Zone introduction module, offered several times each semester, along with 2 approved LGBTQ+ campus events. Membership must be renewed each year by attendance of events. We also provide support toward the Coordination of the Rainbow Graduation Celebration each May, celebrating the recently graduated LGBTQ+ students and allies of Fresno State. Our programs are open to all Fresno State staff, faculty, and students. 





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