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Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Workability IV



What is Workability IV?

The Workability IV program has been in existence at the Fresno State campus since 2003. Workability IV programs are unique to some California State University in which they are contracted with the State Department of Rehabilitation.

We serve individuals with all disabilities both physical and mental health to obtain internship and employment. We provide assistance in career preparation such as resume, cover letter and thank you letter development and continued modifications, application revision, advocacy, and accommodation assistance. What makes the program unique is that the students and alumni we serve are also State Department of Rehabilitation consumers so we can work closely with the students/alumni until they get a job. Each of our staff have a Master in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling which enables us to assist the students/alumni with a deeper understanding of the psychological impact looking for work may have on someone who has a disability.



The Workability IV program is contracted with the State Department of Rehabilitation. We partner with local employers in a variety of fields, Career Development Center at Fresno State, Services for Students with Disabilities at State and local community colleges, Fresno State Health Center, Resources for Independence Central Valley, Central Valley Regional Center, Federal Workforce Recruitment Program, Fresno State Veteran Services, Society for Human Resource Management, and California Human Resource. Our program is funded by the State Department of Rehabilitation.We serve individuals with disabilities which include both physical and mental health.One of the biggest benefits is a relationship with someone that will assist the student/alumni obtain and maintain employment according to their specific needs. We will assist until that person finds employment so it is an ongoing relationship. We can advocate with an employer or be in the background unseen. The students/alumni are in control.


To access our services, students can email the executive director Erica Ananian-eastes at, talk with career development center and ask to be referred, talk with their counselor at services for students with disabilities and asked to be referred, talk with their counselor at the Fresno State Counseling center or schedule a meeting with an on-site department of rehabilitation counselor through services for student with disabilities, or go to any local state department of rehabilitation agency and seek services and asked to be referred to Workability IV at Fresno State.Our program expands services on a needs basis. We try to meet the student/alumni where they are at. We have assisted with expungements, accomodation and most recently we are adding job coaching services on an as needed basis.


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